Prescott Man Found Passed Out in Running Car at School Bus Stop. He Was Really Hammered

If there was a contest for drunkest driver, a Prescott man would be in contention to take the gold.

According to Prescott police, 41-year-old Lloyd Kennie was found passed out in his running car at a school bus stop Thursday afternoon. His blood alcohol content was bordering on the ridiculous.

Preliminary breath tests found Kennie's BAC to be .335 at the time he was found passed out at the bus stop. The legal limit in Arizona is .08.

When a traffic cop found Kennie, he was not responsive. However, his foot was on the accelerator, revving the engine to a steady hum of 3,000 RPMs, police say.

The car was in park, but police say Kennie's hand was on the gear shifter when he was found -- again, passed out in his car at a school bus stop in the middle of the afternoon.

Kennie was booked on several DUI charges, one count of driving with a suspended license, and was issued an open container ticket for an open bottle of booze in the vehicle.

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The 'gentleman' in question wasn't from Prescott, he was from Prescott Valley. And he was arrested by a Prescott Valley officer... not that this couldn't have happened in Prescott itself, but it's nice to have the facts correct!

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I supposed that it used to be that Native Americans were the epitome of "drunk" driving. But as it seems nowadays, the title may eventually go to the racist KKKrackers in backwarded rural USA. We hearing more stories like these of them(KKKrackpots).


Hope you can come to Prescott and Prescott Valley soon - we're not so 'backwards' as you think, and neither are we as rural as many up here would like.

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