Phoenix Man Busted With Kiddy-Porn. He's 44-Years-Old and Lives With His Parents

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Kurtis Bruce
A 44-year-old Phoenix man who lives with his parents was arrested yesterday after cops discovered he'd been downloading kiddy-porn to the computer at his parents' house.

Earlier this month, cops accessed the IP address for the computer at the home of Kurtis Bruce's parents and were able to directly download images from the computer of naked children in sexually compromising positions. In one case, a girl, about 7-years-old, was seen naked and tied to a bed with rope. Also seen in the frame is a person's hand holding a belt.

Cops got a search warrant for Bruce's home and questioned both him and his father. Bruce's father, court documents obtained by New Times show, had nothing to do with the smut. Bruce, on the other hand, decided to spill his guts to police -- even after he was read his Miranda Rights.

Bruce told cops he'd searched the Internet for kiddy-porn for years. He told police he would download the images to an external thumb-drive and -- as if a 44-year-old man living with his parents and looking at kiddy-porn isn't weird enough -- he would then go to a friend's house, burn the images on to a disk, and masturbate.

Just to completely screw himself, Bruce told police that in addition to jackin' off to kiddy-porn at his buddy's house, he would also distribute the kiddy-porn to "contacts he has."

Bruce was booked on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. He's being held on $75,000 bail.

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...and this is what happens when you run a Windows box and don't have a good firewall...

Really - he was an idiot and shoulda clammed up. Where was the search warrant to allow the cops to do what they did? How did they get access to the machine? Was it wide open to the world? I mean seriously, 'doze sux, but it can be secured if you know what you're doing - not saying he did, but there are ways to secure such a box. Then again, the cops have tools where they can send an email and if you are so stupid as to click on attachments - bam, your box is infected with cop spyware (and I wouldn't be surprised if these tools weren't made a part of other downloads spread on the net, too).

And why was he going to a friends house to "burn a disc" - why didn't he just leave it on the thumb drive? That was really tarded; it was probably the friend that turned him in.

Oh well, another dumbass, another day...

Dick Yanker
Dick Yanker

OK, look, this fool's so goddamned ugly he has to pay the Crack-hoes on Van Buren $5.00 just to turn him down. But whackin off to kiddie porn ?!?! Too weird.As a public service to a community I've found indefensibly freaky since I moved here, I will offer to this cretin the same offer I made to Luis Ortiz. If, God forbid, your sick ass ever slithers freely in the open again, do come over to my hut, won't you, Kurtis ???We'll have us a little three way freak-a-thon... just you, Luis, and my unlubed parking cone.I also have some farm animal videos a weirdo like you will surely enjoy.And look at the plus side, Kurty-poo, after a long and unspeakably disappointing 44 years, your parents have finally, at long last, gotten your filthy, degenerate ass off of their sofa and out of their home.And do feel free to share your story with the all the folks on the yard when you get to prison. The knuckle-draggers love shit like this.

Ms Info
Ms Info

Never trust a man who still lives at home with his parents.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I didn't find any record of this guy in the Az sex offender registry. I wonder what aliases he might have used in days passed...

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