Missing Old Person Alert: 71-Year-Old Wendell Workman

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Mesa PD
This is 71-year-old Wendell Workman. If you've seen him, call police.
The Mesa Police Department is asking for the public's help in tracking down a 71-year-old man reported missing this morning.

Wendell Lee Workman's son had been taking care of him at his Mesa home in the 500 block of West Del Oro Drive. Today, at 5 a.m., Workman's son went to work, leaving his father alone for a few hours until one of his other sons was expected to show up to care for him.

When the other son arrived, he found that Workman, as well as his vehicle, were gone.

Workman, police say, has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease by a doctor, but his sons tell investigators he shows signs of the disease -- they say he often gets lost.

Workman had been talking about visiting his brother in Phoenix, but police checked it out and he wasn't there. His brother told police he hadn't heard from him.

Workman's about 5-foot-8, 150 pounds, with grey hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a black, Western-style shirt, black pants, and cowboy boots.

His car is red Chevy Malibu with license plate number 4HSZ97.

If you've seen Mr. Workman, call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-4075.  

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

I read the article and it was the title I was critical of, not the article itself. Thanks for the cute literary lesson which seems to be an attempt to distract from the comment. But let's not "go there" because then we would have "gone there". "Go missing" or "went missing" are both allowed. The difference is what culture or country you live in. Flaunt your lack of literary knowledge some more, smart ass. "Missing Brain Alert: New Times Reporter Attempts To Use His And Discovers His Lack Of Talent Instead".


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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Why is it always printed as "Missing Old Person"? Don't other people go missing? If this reporter went missing would it be printed as "Smart Ass New Times Reporter Goes Missing"? I'm not as old as the subject of the article but then again I'm not a smart assed punk like the reporter or whoever titled the article. I just wanted to comment on your lack of respect to someone who is missing and to his family who no doubt deeply appreciates your making fun of him at a time of crisis. I hope it never happens to you or your family because it's really not that humorous.

James King
James King

Nobody "goes" missing. You're just missing -- or are reported missing. If you were to be missing you would not have "gone" there -- wherever "missing" may be. Literary woes aside, you read this article and might now pay attention if you see some old guy who looks something like Mr. Workman. That's the goal of missing old guy alerts -- again, you read it.

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