Mesa Man Charged With Murder in Beating Death of 4-Year-Old

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Mesa PD
Jorge Busso's been charged with murdering his girlfriend's 4-year-old son.
A Mesa man's been charged with murder in the beating death of his girlfriend's 4-year-old son.

According to the Mesa Police Department, 23-year-old Jorge Busso was watching the boy Friday afternoon while the mother was at work.

By 4 p.m. that same afternoon, the kid was being airlifted from Banner Baywood hospital to Phoenix Children's Hospital with injuries "so serious [he] was not expected to survive."

And he didn't -- the child was pronounced dead yesterday morning.

After meeting with the child in the hospital, Mesa police tracked down Busso at the home he shared with the boy and the mother at 214 South 89 Street in Mesa.

Busso told cops that when he was watching the boy he started to smell something. The boy had gone to the bathroom in his pants, and to punish him Busso threw him in a corner and started beating him with a belt.

Busso told police that as he was beating the 4-year-old, the child's head hit the wall as he was being pushed into the corner.

He says that's how the boy sustained the injury that ultimately killed him.

When the boy's mother got home from work, she found her son laying in his bed unresponsive. She immediately took him to the hospital for treatment.

Busso was initially booked on one count of child abuse and one count of false reporting. Since the boy died, Busso has also been charged with first-degree murder.

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WOWW . i knoww him . smh what a shamee .


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Death of Innocence
Death of Innocence

The world has changed an alot in the last half a century. In the dinosaur days this type of shit was so seldom ever heard of that a reported case was too unusual to be believed. But now, in the modern world, it is so often part of the news, it doesn't even surprise or repulse; it's just another day in the life... or death... of someone who hasn't been alive long to know how to use the toilet on his own.Today, parental responsibilty on the dude side is limited to the incubation period. Once the kid breaks water, it's time for dad to bounce. And mom, well, some at least try to raise the child they gave life to. And those are the lucky kids. The ones whose moms aren't too busy smokin a pipe full of Meth to be moms. But they will invariably meet a new dude, and if it is a Jorge Busso, well, shit, it was only a child. we can have more.My baby's momma... or my baby's daddy


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Hey baltica, are you referring to the Dominic Doss that was killed by Amber Drain! The woman who smashed his head into the floor, went next door for help, and when noone was home went back to bed and left the child where he lay? There are a lot of messed up men AND women out there!!!!!!!!!


This is getting really old! This, coming off of Dominic Doss being killed by the father's girlfriend! When are people gonna realize there is a lot of twisted men & women out there & you can't blindly trust people, with your children, just because you happen to be in a relationship with them!


How many children have to die before women start to understand how unsafe it is to leave your child with a "boyfriend".


This is getting very old. We hear it way too often. Wish someone, educators or otherprofessonals, could pin point what is lacking in the raising of our young ladies that theytoo often get into low standard relationships with these low life,dangerous guys. Why isthis happening?

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