Merry Christmas: Alleged Perv Cites "Head Injury" as Reason for Molesting Girlfriend's 9-Year-Old Daughter -- Next to a Christmas Tree

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Santa came early -- Luis Ortiz admitted to molesting his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter next to a Christmas tree a few weeks before Christmas.
An alleged Phoenix pervert is behind bars on suspicion of spreading some unwanted Christmas (ahem) cheer -- cops say he molested his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter as she was lying down next to a Christmas tree.

Luis Mejia Ortiz was arrested yesterday after admitting to the girl's mother -- his girlfriend -- and police that he had touched the girl's vagina on four occasions, including a December 2 incident, in which he did so next to the family's Christmas tree. He told police it "got him excited."

Ortiz claims he only touched the girl's vagina over the clothes, but the girl tells a different story.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the girl told her mother that between August and December, there were three incidents, in which Ortiz touched her breasts under the clothes and inserted something into her vagina. In one case, she told police, he tried to put his penis into her vagina but she pushed him away.

She says all the attacks happened at her parent's house while her mother was at work.

The 9-year-old victim also told police that she saw Ortiz get on top of her 5-year-old sister while wearing nothing but his underwear. The girl says she heard him mention something about "how cold it was."

The 5-year-old told police that Ortiz inserted "something" into her vagina, as well.

Earlier this month, the 9-year-old told her mother and grandmother what had been going on with mommy's boyfriend. The mother called the cops who arranged a confrontation call.

During the call, Ortiz admitted to touching the girls. When police went to pick up Ortiz, his brother told officers Ortiz said he knew what he did was wrong and he'd fled to Mexico. The brother told cops Ortiz wanted to turn himself in.

Ortiz was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail yesterday. He admitted to molesting the girls and told cops he would touch the 5-year-old before she went to school.

When he was arrested, Ortiz told police he "wasn't right" because of a previous head injury.

He's been charged with four counts of sexual conduct with a minor, one count of sexual abuse, one count of child molestation, and one count of public sexual indecency. He's being held without bail.

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head injury claim

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Steve Tracy
Steve Tracy

Luis Mejia Ortiz... Sir, you are one Hispanic I am able to hate on with no problem.With all of the white-bread freaks (Brewer; Arpaio; Pearce, et al) running 1070 amock out here in "Haterville" ( not to be confused with Hooterville ), you are a POS that gives them cause to carry on their racist filth.Nice going, amigo... When ( if ) you ever get out of the joint, come over and see me. If you're so hard up for physical contact that you'd betray your best friend and her child, then I've got a delightful bright orange, unlubed, parking cone to shove up your ass You'll really be prayin' the Rosary after a good cornholing with me.I'll keep an eye out for you !!! : ) : ) : )


James, I usually appreciate your wry sense of humor, but "Santa came early" in the photo cutline of an accused child molester is slightly nauseating.

James King
James King

Bill -- it is indeed nauseating. I grappled with it, but ultimately decided I'd let the cutline be open for interpretation -- as nauseating as certain interpretations may be. I'm glad you appreciate my sense of humor -- in this case, please don't mistake it for a jab at the victims. There's nothing funny about what happened to them. It's intended to remind people just how disgusting and horrible the things this guy did actually are. This poor girl will never look at a Christmas tree the same way again.

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