Maricopa County Attorney and Board of Supervisors: Together At Last

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Bill Montgomery
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has agreed to return control of its civil litigation unit to the County Attorney's Office, now that they've got a county attorney they like.

The Arizona Republic reports this morning that new County Attorney Bill Montgomery and the Supes "will announce today" that they're giving up their role in handling civil cases. The board had taken that power away from Montgomery's predecessor, Andrew Thomas, who now appears may get his butt disbarred.

Montgomery appears to be far more level-headed than Thomas, a political
demagogue with a self-destructive bent. Still, it'll be interesting to
see how Montgomery handles the kind of ethical questions that tripped
Thomas up. Not to mention how he'll use his ability to choose private
attorneys for contract work, a potential way to build influence or even
future income.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Tread lightly. There may be trip wires ahead.

This Arizona Bar action, long delayed and overdue, may be very good for some folks in political office working as lawyers. I can only hope Mr. Montgomery has spent some time with Sheila Polk and is learning from her. Thomas didn't.


Is Montgomery just another wolf in sheep's clothing, will he be another buttboy for Bozo Joe Arpaio, only time will tell.

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