Lester Pearce, Presiding Judge of County Justice Courts, "Appreciates" Our Snarkiness

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Justice of the Peace Lester Pearce "appreciates" our blog post about his wacky religious views, a spokeswoman tells us

The new presiding judge of the county justice courts, Lester Pearce, "appreciates" the blog post we wrote about him last month, a spokeswoman for the courts tells us today.

That's the blog post, (based on an Atlantic Monthly article), in which we wrote that Pearce seems to be off his rocker for teaching a class on how the U.S. Constitution is a god-inspired work, its wisdom passed down from one of the fabled "lost tribes of Israel."

Is this guy a hoot or what?

Pearce, who doesn't have a law degree (it's not required for the post under state law), has been a justice of the peace in north Mesa since 1997.

We left a message for the judge, (who happens to be the brother of Russell Pearce), last month but didn't hear back. So, we inquired with the justice courts earlier this week and received a message from the courts' new spokeswoman, Kristina Fretwell.

He really appreciates what we wrote? we ask Fretwell.

"That's what he told me to tell you," she laughs.

How Christian of him.

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Hey Lester Mr. Judge. When I stood before you in just my shorts, no shoes or shorts. you knew me as a nothing because DTV and the stupid agent paid or paid you into putting me into jail for 4 months even before talking to me. BIGGER THAN ALL, YOU let them give me a $500,000 Bail. Like I kilked some body? $5ooK ? Thanks.


I attended an 8 hour Constitution class with him today in Aiken, SC. It was an amazing, eye opening experience. Arizona should be proud to have such a constitutionally sound mind on the bench. Thanks you for the negative article, as I assume that you stand against everything he stands for.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Another chapter of "All in the Family".... or "As the worm turns". Once a pearce, never known to be accused of sanity...


Constitutionally sounds mind?  The man couldn't even finish community college!  I've appeared in his "court."  He's a joke.  He doesn't know the basics of the Rules of Evidence or Civil Procedure.

His day is spent, largely, with bottom feeder lawyers and the rare appearance of modestly competent ones. These bottom feeders don't know the law, they prey on the lay people they sue, and Pearce lets it happen.

When a real attorney appears in front of him, it's like a doe in the headlights.

Lester Pearce is no intellectual, and he's a judge in title only.


Are you a licensed psychiatrist? No? Then what makes you able to deem someone to have a "sound mind"? You know what becomes of someone that "assume's" don't you? You're statement is entirely without any real credence.

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