High School Football Championships (Oddly) Start In A Few Hours

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What happened to the good old days, when Arizona's large-school football championship games were held on Saturday, starting in the afternoon and moving into the evening?


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​Something about the National Football League and its contractual arrangement with its teams (the Arizona Cardinals in this instance) to ensure that the field looks as good as possible on Sunday afternoon.

That's apparently what happened this year, with the dreadful Cards having a home game out in Glendale scheduled for yesterday afternoon against an even-worse Denver Broncos squad.

It meant that the high-schoolers couldn't play out there as usual on Saturday, lest they mark up the turf too much for the big boys' liking.


So, later this afternoon, Mesa Desert Ridge will take on heavily favored defending champ Chandler Hamilton in the first game at University of Phoenix Stadium, followed by a Peoria Centennial against powerhouse Scottsdale Chaparral.

Too bad the winners (especially if, as expected, unbeaten Chaparral and Hamilton, prevail) can't play each other next week in a heavyweight match-up all high-school football fans would love to see.

Speaking of not being in attendance, that would be us.

Gotta work, and don't especially want to fight the rush-hour and game traffic out there on the 101 later this afternoon.

Too bad, because the high-school title games usually are a great treat in person.

So it goes.



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Even the AIA is a whore to the NFL TV gods. Thats the same excuse for basketball. I asked AIA about basketball, and they said the Jobing. Screw Glendale arena was not available for all day Saturday, State basketball championship games. I asked them if that was the ony arena in Arizona they could be held. The Madhouse on McDowell, ASU, Uof A, NAU, the Suns Arena, the enclosed baseball stadium (not used much in the winter, etc, etc.are also not available?

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