Former Teacher Tamara Hofmann Made Deal With High School Officials to Keep Affair With Boy Quiet; He Later Killed Rival for Hofmann's Love

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Marcos de Niza officials made a deal with former teacher Tamara Hofmann (above) to keep quiet about her alleged affair with a student.

Documents in a lawsuit against the Arizona State Board of Education show that Marco de Niza High School officials made a deal with a former teacher to keep quiet about her student lover.

Tamara Hofmann was accused by her bosses at the Tempe school in 2007 of having sex with student Sixto Balbuena. But Marcos officials cut a deal with her in which they agreed not to tattle on her, Channel 5 (KPHO-TV) reports.

When Hofmann left that year to work at Chandler's El Dorado High School, officials from the new school called Marcos for references.

balbuena sixto.jpg
Sixto Balbuena

The officials didn't reveal the allegations to the new employer, the TV station reports.

Hofmann then started an affair with El Dorado student Samuel Valdivia, who was 18. Balbuena, home on leave from the Navy, caught his former lover and Valdivia together and stabbed his rival to death.

Valdivia's mother, Placida Maldonado, is suing the Board, Tempe Union High School District, the Arizona State Charter School Board, and the company that owns El Dorado High School, the Leona Group.

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If it's true that Tamara Hoffman had sex with the boys before they were the legal age of 18 years old, then she must be arrested & do jail time for statutory rape. A woman who has sex with teenage boys must get = punishment as a man who has sex with teenage girls.

Clay Boggess
Clay Boggess

This teacher will hopefully be serving a long prison sentence. She is destructive and deserves the maximum penalty. Someday she may wake up and fully realize the devastation that she has caused to others that she has taken advantage of and regret it.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I wonder what kind of "deal" they cut with her? Did some of the male officials also, slept with the Teacher? That's my assertion. Then she really is a whore.

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