Dominic Chagolla, Accused of Stabbing Own Mother in Eyes, a Bit of a Mama's Boy, Court Records Show

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As we reported earlier, yesterday, the son of a Peoria woman found dead in her car over the weekend was arrested for his mother's murder. We've received some new details about the murder, and the suspect, 32-year-old Dominic Chagolla -- who, it turns out, is a big-time mama's boy.

For starters, he's 32 years old and has no job -- not because the economy sucks, but because his "mother gets him whatever he needs," according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Not anymore, pal.

Chagolla's mother, 50-year-old Maria Chagolla, was found dead near 83rd and Glendale avenues on Sunday. Up until now, details about the murder, including the manner of death, have not been released to the public.

However, court docs tell the story the Glendale Police Department wouldn't when we asked them about the case on Monday. It's pretty gruesome.

Maria Chagolla's body was found hidden under a blanket behind the passenger seat in the same car her son claims she used to drop him off at a park near Cotton Boll Elementary School to run about 8:30 a.m. last Wednesday -- the day she was first reported missing.

Chagolla, court docs show, was stabbed in the face several times, including in both eyes.

Police say Dominic Chagolla stabbed his own mother in the eyes.
When Maria Chagolla didn't come home after dropping her son off at the park, family members began to question the son, Dominic -- who showed up back at the family's home about an hour after leaving with his mother and was the last person to see her alive.

When confronted by family members, Dominic Chagolla became "evasive," court docs show.

When asked about his mother's disappearance, Chagolla rattled off the story that she dropped him off at the park, he went for a run, and then went home. He didn't leave again except to go to the gym hours later, he claims.

Because he's 32 years old and has no job because he was living off of his mother, Chagolla spent the majority of his free time working out -- typically three times a day -- so he can get in shape to wrestle. He even bragged to police he could run a mile in under five minutes.

Chagolla's story began to fall apart when two tile setters working in the area where Maria Chagolla was found dead reported seeing a light-skinned male walking on Belmont Avenue the morning she was reported missing. He was carrying a black gym bag. The two workers told police they last saw the man jump over a fence leading to a residential neighborhood -- when he came back over the fence, the bag was gone.

The workers checked a trash can on the other side of the fence and found the gym bag full of bloody clothes.

Family members later identified both the bag and the bloody clothes as belonging to Dominic Chagolla. They told police when he left with his mother he had the bag. When he returned, they say, the bag was gone.

Dominic Chagolla denies any part in his mother's murder, despite admitting to police that the bloody clothes were his. He claims a pair of bloody shoes found in the bag were his, but that he threw them away along time ago.

When asked if his DNA would be found on the shirt, Dominic Chagolla responded with "no comment."

Chagolla's been charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of hindering prosecution, and one count of concealing a dead body. He's being held on $1 million bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for December 29.

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Loved one
Loved one

I am the aunt of Dominic and the sister of Dolores. I just want to express how insensitive you are and it's media like yourself that puts a bad name on every one eles. You obviously don't have the facts and i used to like you but i don't feel that way anymore. I hope that James, the writer never has to deal with such a tragedy and i hope that the media will get wind of his name and be careful of ever hiring him. He likes to judge people and name call, but those are just child and thoughtless words. Sounds to me that he has alot of growing up to do!!!! Obviously,


I know the family too and just be cause Dominic was a father, brother, son etc. he's still needs to pay for what he did to Doloris! I just cannot get over the fact that he actually asked the judge if he could "morn" with is family and be with his daughter! They sat there sick with worry while he knew the whole time what happened to her. Thank goodness in prison there are two people they don't like ChoMoes and guys who hurt their mothers. He'll get what's coming to him there.


I knew the family over 10 years ago when my family was involved with the Jehovahs Witnesses (we no longer are) we used to attend the same kingdom hall with them. They were a wonderful family, I remember Andy her late husband and all the three children. This was a shock to my family since we would never imagine that would take place. You are all in our prayers, and now as Born Again Chrisitans, we are praying for you all, for peace and confort and to get past these bad times and get to know Your True Father.... Jesus Christ!!


Hey "gangstast", by your name I know that you and your Tia werent very close. She was too good of a person to be close to any gangsta's. I know this because she was my Tia too. Dominic was close to my family for most of his life, he was nothing like this or any where near being a "gangsta". That being said, as a family we are suffering her loss more than words can explain. Now we have not only lost an aunt but a cousin as well. Our family is torn apart. Dominic, any criminal, needs to pay for what he did, no doubt about it, BUT, we have to remember those being survived by her. Like her grand daughter. She's old enough to use the internet. While none of this makes sense to her as it doesn't to any of us, why don't you keep her in mind next time you want to put out there that her father should die in pain or be hurt. It's still her dad, he 's still someones brother, cousin, grandson, and they are already going through so much. He has to be a mental case to do what he is accused of, but why don't you be "gangsta" and be of support to the other two daughters, his sisters, and his daughter, Tia's brothers and sisters, her mother and the rest of her surviving family. Had she survived this awful attack, the good person that she is would want her son to get help not be harmed and she still would NEVER wish harm upon him.I'm not saying, forgive him for what he did, but think twice about the further harm your words can cause our/my other family members that are trying to piece their lives back together.

Think about them before you speak and write things on the internet. I expect stupid exaggerated things from the media, but NOT from family.I feel your pain, please be mindful.


What a VERY SICK individual!! What was the purpose of him killing her for if she took care of him??? Jeez, some people are so demented!!! He should definitely get the death penalty!!!

Loved One
Loved One

Its people like you that are dangerous to the world, that speak without thinking and don't have the facts and react with no self control. People that have no conscience. Someone in their right mind would never do anything like this. I pray for people like you.


i hope he gets stabbed in the face and eyes by an inmate

Www Gangstast
Www Gangstast

i caxt belive he did that to my tia... he should die in pain...

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