DMX Pleads Guilty to Probation Violation; Judge Sentences Him to A Year in Jail

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Rapper DMX: Back to jail.

Rapper DMX pleaded guilty this morning to a felony probation violation, and Judge Christine Mulleneaux sentenced him to a year in jail.

DMX (real name: Earl Simmons) had been on probation since July, after serving four months in Maricopa County jails for a previous probation violation. On November 18, he was arrested at his home in Cave Creek and charged with violating his probation by failing court-mandated drug tests and refusing to undergo treatment and counseling.


In the court room today prior to sentencing, Simmons told the judge, "I did make the effort that I could, and I appreciate any help you can give me."

Judge Mulleneaux said Simmons' "substance abuse issues are at the root of this problem," and noted that his drug tests came back positive for cocaine five times during his probation. She said Simmons has an undiagnosed mental condition he needs to take care of, and she believes he's been self-medicating with illegal substances.

"Your criminal history goes back to 1988," Mulleneaux told Simmons. "It's going to continue if you don't take care of your mental health."

After receiving his sentence of a year in jail and community probation, Simmons smiled as he was fingerprinted and lead out of the court room.

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Michael C. Thomas
Michael C. Thomas

Damn Earl!!! you cannot eff around in this state!!! stuff that would be like...pshaw somewhere else will get yo ass locked the eff up in AZ..paht-nuh!

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