David William Curtis Jr., Local Lawyer, Found Guilty of Molesting 2-Year-Old and Possessing Child Porn

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Image: Tempe police
David William Curtis Jr
​A local lawyer arrested last year on suspicion of possessing child pornography was found guilty on all counts yesterday.

But here's the sick part: A juror in the case tells us this morning that the lawyer, Davis William Curtis Jr., 64, did much more than look at kiddie porn on his computer.

When cops went through a flash drive belonging to Curtis Jr. after a worker at Tempe Marketplace found it in the parking lot, they found evidence that the perv had molested a 2-year-old.

The flash drive contained pictures of both "commercial" child porn and images of the 2-year-old in various sexual poses, says Gary Hilton, one of the juror's who had to slog through the two-and-a-half week trial. He says the jury had to look at pictures of the girl holding Curtis Jr.'s penis, the guy's penis in her mouth, the girl in various poses.

In the interest of protecting the victim's identity, we hesitate to say too much about the case. We'll add that, according to Hilton, Curtis Jr. turned the trial into its own perversion by serving as his own lawyer and questioning the witnesses.

He was convicted on five counts of child molestation 14 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, Vincent Funari from the Maricopa County Superior Court confirmed for us.

He's scheduled to be sentenced on January 21.

UPDATE: Curtis Jr.'s law license will likely be suspended formally in a few days by the Arizona State Bar, says the Bar spokesman, Rick DeBruhl. After that, Curtis Jr. will face the Bar's new discipline system, headed toward probable disbarment. DeBruhl says he can't be sure when the lawyer would be disbarred, but that with the interim suspension of his license and the fact that Curtis Jr. remains in jail, there's no rush.

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