Chandler Woman Steals From Fallen Officer Fund to Pay Cell Phone Bill

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Stephanie Pringle
A Chandler woman, currently in prison for a similar but unrelated crime, is accused of doing one of the sleazier things we've heard in quite some time: stealing money from a fund set up for a murdered cop.

Police announced yesterday that 28-year-old Stephanie Pringle was arrested on suspicion of identity theft and attempted theft for stealing about $300 from the Fallen Officers Fund set up for murdered Chandler detective Carlos Ledesma.

Ledesma, a father of two, was part of an operation in which undercover officers tried to buy bails of weed from suspects arrested at the scene, a home near South 23rd Avenue and Vineyard Road in Phoenix in July.

Something went wrong, though, and someone inside the house started shooting.

A shootout took place between suspects and roughly a dozen Chandler police officers, who were stationed near the house.

Ledesma and two other officers, who were also shot, were not wearing bullet-proof vests, police officials confirm.

When the smoke cleared, Ledesma was dead -- along with two suspects -- and two other officers were wounded.

As for the alleged slimeball who stole from a murdered cop, on August 10, cops say, Pringle made an unauthorized electronic debit withdrawal for $302 from a branch of Well Fargo Bank handling the memorial fund.

Pringle, however, is currently serving a 3 1/2-year prison sentence for auto theft and violating her probation.

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The skunkhead dye job is a nice touch.

She should get together with Joshua Pearce and the sex-offender brothers busted for arson. Zonies go on about Mexicans dragging the state down, but truth be told, it's inbred white meth-head trailer trash like this that makes Arizona the Alabama of the southwest.


Pile it on ... keep her in prison.

Why do criminals always look like criminals (at least the vast majority)?

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