Boy, 6, Found Dead in Alley Identified; Father Also Found Murdered. Police Say Family Was "Target"

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The 6-year-old Phoenix boy found shot to death in an alley yesterday has been identified and it turns out he's the son of a man found murdered the day before.

The boy has been identified as Xavier Daniel Jaquez. The father, police say, is Angel Jaquez, 27, who he was found shot to death in his house at 2719 East Broadway Road in Phoenix on Monday night.

Xavier Jaquez was found shot to death yesterday morning in an alley near his mother's home, near 65th Avenue and Indian School Road, by a City of Phoenix sanitation crew. The boy's mother and the elder Jaquez shared custody of the child.

Angel Jaquez was found by his brother on a couch in a duplex at the above address on Monday night. He was shot once, police say.

At least six people were questioned about the murders by police last night, but no arrests have been made.

Angel Jaquez reportedly has "an arrest history," and police say the family was targeted.

Although the motive for the murders are currently unclear, police say they aren't ruling out a possible drug connection.

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Welcome to Phoenix. The "has to be the plot of a cheap pulp-fiction novel" city.

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