Border Patrol Agent Fatally Shot Near Nogales. Four Suspects in Custody

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A U.S. Border Patrol agent was fatally shot while on patrol near Nogales Tuesday night.

Authorities investigating the shooting aren't saying much about it at this point, only that the agent, 40-year-old Brian Terry, was killed about 11 p.m. yesterday near Peck Canyon while on patrol about 10 miles north of the U.S. Mexico border.

Four suspects are in custody and authorities are looking for one more.

The Associated Press is reporting that Terry, as well as three other agents, were tracking "bandits," who target illegal immigrants for things like rape and robbery, at the time of the shooting. That information, the AP says, comes from the union that represents border patrol agents.

However, neither the FBI nor U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials will confirm that's what went down.

Terry was part of the Border Patrol's Search, Trauma, and Rescue team, an elite unit of the agency that requires agents to undergo special training and have at least two years experience.

Terry's been with the Border Patrol for about three years. Prior to that he served in the military. He died early Wednesday.

A statement released by the Border Patrol's union, Local 12544, says, "this is one more example of the sacrifices made by front-line agents, and it's a major reason we are continually outraged by activists and self-serving politicians in Washington, DC who sell us out with incessant talk about "amnesty" for illegal aliens.  While they play games, our country continues to be invaded and Border Patrol agents continue to pay the price."

Senator John "build the dang fence" McCain chimes in:

"This event is yet another reminder of the dangers the men and women of the Border Patrol face every day as they put their lives on the line to protect the American people.  The increased violence in the border region demands that Congress provide the necessary resources and personnel to ensure the safety of all Americans, especially border patrol agents stationed on the border, and fulfill the Federal government's responsibility to secure our border."

Check back to Valley Fever throughout the day for updates.

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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

A military style approach to border enforcement begets violence. Live by the sword, die by the sword. You can't have a war without the other side firing back sometimes. This guy volunteered for the job, and must have known the risks he was taking.

SNAPTIE: Dems = Sitting Bulls
SNAPTIE: Dems = Sitting Bulls

Untie the Border Patrols hands. The US has to get forceful first on any encounter,when the situation is in control you can relax. Guns out on anyone they encounter first,I don't care if the ACLU said it isn't proper to scare people with guns drawn.


Remember, this IS the new times…By morning they will be telling us Officer Terry tripped on a rock and shot himself. And that the nice illegal, oops I mean nice undocumented future Americans, stumbled upon him, and were providing CPR until help could be called in.


See Louie, see whats happens when there is a REAL shooting! They have 4 suspects in custody. Sincere condolences to the Terry family

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