Baby From Arizona Found Dead in Box in Texas. *UPDATED*

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UPDATED: Click here for update.

A baby, reportedly from Arizona, has been found dead in a box shipped to southern Texas.

According to KNES in San Antonio, Texas, the baby was found in a box shipped to a clothing distribution center in McAllen, Texas, at some point in the last 24 hours.

Given the latest twists and turns in the Baby Gabriel case, which has connections to both Texas and Arizona, we thought the baby could be the missing Tempe boy. However, police in McAllen say the baby is a girl, and they're unsure if she was born alive.

The box was delivered to the plant last night by a truck carrying used clothing from Phoenix to McAllen. Workers at the plant found the baby stuffed in clothing.

The baby has not been identified.

The Phoenix Police Department has no information on the case yet.

"Although they cite Phoenix as being the origin of the package, our homicide investigators have not been contacted by their investigators," Phoenix P.D. spokesman Sergeant Steve Martos says.

Check back to Valley Fever later in the day for updates.

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To: Dalgast The Asshole
To: Dalgast The Asshole

You're such a piece of shit. Why don't you go back to the Ozarks and fuck your mother


What ya wanna bet it's a little beaner baby.


How disrepectful could you get towards a baby?

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