Yuma Substitute Teacher Accused of Gettin' a Little Grabby With Female Student -- an Elementary School Student, That Is

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David Remmy
For anyone out there who may think otherwise, substitute teaching at an elementary school is not a good way to meet chicks.

Be that as it may, a substitute teacher at a Yuma elementary school is behind bars after police say he inappropriately touched a female student during class.

David Remmy, 58, was filling in for a teacher at the O.C. Johnson elementary school in Yuma on Friday when police say he inappropriately touched a girl in his class.

Calls to the Yuma Police Department to find out what they mean by "inappropriately touched" were not immediately returned.

According to authorities, several students in the class reported the incident to school staff, who called police.

Remmy was arrested yesterday on one count of sexual abuse.

Yuma police think there may possibly be more victims and ask anyone with information to call the YPD's Investigations Bureau at 928-783-4421, or 928-78-CRIME if you with to remain anonymous.

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kids today know they can get an adult in alot of trouble but making accusations. Sad what teachers nurses have to do to protect themsleves. I hope people carry a little doubt until whole story is told. no dna? but yet the punishment is more severe than rape. not to say this doesnt happen and Id kill the sob if happen to anyone I know, but jsut becareful whos life is ruined. keep open mind ,

Dale Anderson
Dale Anderson

This is happening all over the country. Go to www.schoolteachernews.com and click on the Scandal page. This year they have documented over 350 of these types of incidents. They also have a map of where the incidents have taken place. In 2009 they found 464 of these kinds of cases.


Is this all the brilliance of a deduction you can make? So what is happening all over? Consider the cottage industry of children, and others, making false accusations against teachers, especially one who holds students accountable to learning. I would like to see you substitute in a typical community with high level of single parent at risk community, and teach to the standard. Go to WWW.falsely-accused.net, and listen to Dr. Lorandos state of art information and verifiable research about the false accussing industry. Yes, crimes against children are horrific, but don't step all over the Constitution in resolving the matter. The only thing you know Bub, is what the slanderous news media and loose law enforcement reported. How many in prison have been exonerated after scrutiny and use of DNA, including those on death roll. Sometimes a community of well meaning people develop a witch hunt mind set, including law and prosecuting attorneys. This person has not been charged. He himself is a 30 military veteran with 16 years law enforcement under his belt. He is a well respected person, giving to his country, community and God. Like it says in Ephesians, we battle not against flesh and blood, but against the unseen principalities of evil, in this case, false accusations and a evil stronghold.

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