Four Phoenix Police Officers Indicted for Theft -- All From South Mountain Precinct

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Three Phoenix police officers, and one former officer -- all based out of the Phoenix Police Department's highly criticized South Mountain Precinct -- have been indicted for stealing thousands of dollars from various businesses that partnered with the department.

The Attorney General's Office released the indictments to the media this morning -- it seems the officers liked getting paid for performing off-duty security work. Actually doing the work was a different story.

According to the indictment, former Officer George Contreras -- an 18-year veteran of the force -- served as the South Mountain Precinct's off-duty work coordinator. Under Contreras' direction, the Precinct contracted with several businesses -- including Cotton Center Townhomes, Laron Incorporated, Arizona Materials, and Eisenberg Properties -- to have off-duty officers perform security at their properties.

A lot of the work, the indictment claims, never happened even though the businesses had paid for the services.

The AG's Office alleges that between December 2007 through December 2009, Contreras falsified invoices and billed the businesses in advance for the security work -- which was never performed.

As the guy in charge of coordinating the off-duty work program, Contreras assigned the majority of the no-show shifts to himself and the three other officers named in the indictment, Sergeant Benjamin Sywarungsymun, Officer Steven Peck, and Officer Aaron Lentz.

In total, the officers are believed to have swindled more than $16,000 from the businesses that hired them.

Worst hit was Cotton Center Town Homes, which hired the officers to patrol areas with a high crime rates. Three homeowners associations paid the to have a marked patrol car and two officers stationed in their neighborhoods. In many cases, that never happened.

The Phoenix Police Department plans to address the indictment at a press conference this afternoon. Check back to Valley Fever later today for updates.

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we are losing trust in all that's happening with our own PD . Forget 911 I'll dial 357 -mag


"At the present time.... Phoenix Police officers work off duty in illegal strip mall poker room within the City of Phoenix. Not only do the officers work off duty and stop by these state violating poker rooms on duty but some of them play cards on the illegal poker rooms/gambling businesses as well. That's nice. Instead of stopping the illegal activity the Phoenix P.D. joins in on the illegal games!!

By the way the state law violating poker rooms/gambling businesses also violate tribal gaming compacts as well as violate city code directly... ... Look up that link which is Chapter 23 MORALS AND CONDUCT* within the city code manual.

Scroll down to DIVISION 7 FRAUDS AND GAMBLING* Notice this Sec. 23-78. Gambling– Prohibited.

(a) Every person who shall deal, carry on or open or cause to be opened, or operate, or who shall conduct, either as owner, manager, agent, dealer, clerk or employee, whether for hire or not, any game of faro, monte, roulette, lasquenet, rouge-et-noir, rondo, vingt-et-un, twenty-one, poker, stud-poker, draw-poker, bluff, fantan, thaw, seven and one-half, chuck-a-luck, blackjack, panginki, craps, or any similar game whatsoever or any banking or percentage game, played with device intended to be used for gambling purposes, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(b) Every person having the management or control, either temporary or permanent, of any house, building or resort, who shall permit any of the games enumerated in this section, or any games similar thereto, to be played in such house, building or resort, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. This is illegal and violates Phoenix City Code yet Phoenix P.D. feels the need to play cards in these rooms as well as profit from this illegal activity by profiting from operating security for the illegal businesses. But don't break the law yourself because you will be held accountable, arrested and/or fined for your tax payer/citizen actions...

That is a fact. Phoenix P.D. not only supports this illegal gambling but they also profit from it by working and playing cards in these rooms/businesses.

The City of Phoenix licenses these Illegal gambling businesses which violate city code. They are aware of all of this (I have emails to prove so) yet continue to support it."


Thes officers should be arrested, because at the end of teh day that is exactly what they did to these local owners. Makes you wonder what is really going on with this south mountain sector. Since a phoenix pd officer get's killed with his own shotgun and his gps is turned off... Hummm something funny is definately going on here. I wonder how honest the rest of the department really is now. Since you also have an officer "play a joke on a black woman, by planting a crack pipe" and that same officer kills an individual for running away from him. LOL what a joke!


NO WAY, I cannot believe it.. Police officers are Honest, Caring, and dependable people... They cannot do any wrong!


So when the City of Phoenix attempts to give you a fine for some kind of code violation of any kind.... Tell them NO. Inform them if they are allowed to break city code... So are you!!! Some example.


Read my post... Phoenix P.D. is providing off duty security to illegal strip mall poker rooms/gambling businesses as well some of the Phoenix officers have been seen playing cards at these, as clearly stated by AZ Department of Gaming, unlawful poker rooms/gambling businesses.

The City of Phoenix elected officials allow, license and support these according to state law illegal poker rooms/gambling businesses/card clubs!! Department of Gaming strictly states on various occasions that these rooms violate state law as well as gaming compacts. Yet, Phoenix P.D. profits from this illegal activity as well as plays cards in these rooms!!! The City of Phoenix violates their own city code, which directly addresses poker as in violation, but they will freely fine citizens for similar violations... Money talks and bullshit walks... Seems to be the theme in phoenix officials and law enforcement... Sorry to the good cops out there but the City of Phoenix and fellow law enforcement conducting this activity makes you all look bad. You are a TEAM after all. That's how it works.

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