Tempe School to Vote on Whether Consequences for Possessing "Spice" Should be Same as Weed

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Students in Tempe could soon face suspension for possessing "Spice."
High school students in Tempe may want to prepare for a buzz kill.

The Tempe Union High School district governing board will vote tonight on whether the consequences imposed on students found in possession of synthetic marijuana should be the same as those for students busted with real marijuana.

As district policy currently dictates, students found in possession of marijuana -- or any drug -- face a long-term suspension. Some parents and teachers think the same should apply to faux-weed, like the uber-popular "Spice" brand.

New Times has done extensive (ahem) research on synthetic weed. Check out our findings here.

Synthetic marijuana is legal for anyone over 18 years old -- for now.

Debate over whether the substance should be illegal has gained national attention because several states have recently banned its sale.

Check back tomorrow for the results of the board's vote.

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Cobbs. I liked the comment and you're right. However, what's the punishment for carrying incense nowadays? maybe they should outlaw deodorant too. That stuff doesnt get me high either and it smells pretty. WTF is wrong with school boards. Spend less time worrying about a harmless gimmick and more time focusing on how to improve their grades. These kids dont understand the concept of breaking the law. nobody did at that age and now you;re going to give them one more reason to try and be a rebel and it's going to ruin their lives with a felony possession charge. GAAWWWD! I guess the more I think about the dumbasses at the Tempe HS Union, the smarter I feel. checkout http://www.azmarijuana.com when you get a chance.


Tempe high schools have Black Tar Heroin all over the place and the best thing the clowns the school board can do is worry about fake weed?

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

I say get rid of that crap. I smoked it a few times because I can't find anything natural down here and it made me puke my insides out. Stay away from that stuff, it's nothing but a headache-inducing agitated high that lasts maybe an hour.


Those students found with synthetic Marijuana should be given synthetic punishment.

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