Tempe School District Bans "Spice" and Other Brands of Faux-Weed

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"Spice" is now a no-no in Tempe schools.
The buzz in Tempe high schools has officially been killed.

The Tempe Union High School district governing board voted last night to ban "Spice," and other brands of synthetic marijuana in schools. Because of the decision, students found in possession of any faux-weed will face real-weed consequences laid out by the district.

As district policy currently dictates, students found in possession of marijuana -- or any drug -- face consequences ranging from a long-term suspension to expulsion (any student's caught with real weed can also be prosecuted).
As we pointed out yesterday, New Times has done extensive (ahem) research on synthetic weed. Check out our findings here.

Synthetic marijuana is legal for anyone over 18 years old -- for now.

Debate over whether the substance should be illegal has gained national attention because several states have recently banned its sale.

The district plans to send letters to parents explaining the new policy.

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K2 incense
K2 incense

A ban on these products is beyond hypocritical. The FDA approves toxic substances for human consumption all of the time and no one bats an eye, but when it comes to legal highs, watch out!

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