Tempe Man Shows 12-Year-Old Girl Porn Movie Titled "Like Cousins." Mother of Victim Doesn't Seem to Mind

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Nathaniel Whitaker -- apparently a fan of the porn flick "Like Cousins."
What's sicker than showing a 12-year-old girl a porn movie? Showing her a porn movie titled "Like Cousins" while feelin' her up, which is what a Tempe man allegedly did last week.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the victim went to school yesterday and told a counselor that her mother's 36-year-old boyfriend, with whom she lived, forced her to watch porn with him on several occasions last week.

The girl says between November 8, and November 10, Nathaniel Whitaker forced her to watch "Like Cousins" at the apartment the two shared with the girl's mother.

As the two watched the movie, the girl told police, Whitaker touched her breasts and vagina -- under the clothing.

Yesterday, the girl's mother participated in a confrontation call, in which she asked Whitaker about the incident.

Whitaker admitted to the mother that he had watched "Like Cousins" with her daughter but says he never touched her inappropriately.

He says he only showed the girl the movie in order to "teach her about adult sex."

You might think learning that your boyfriend was showing your 12-year-old daughter porn movies would be a bit of a turn off. Apparently not for the mother of the victim.

After the confrontation call with Whitaker -- where he admitted to watching a porn movie with the same name as the one given by the victim -- the unidentified mother told police she didn't believe the girl's story.

She angrily left the police station and told the cops to turn her daughter over to Child Protective Services.

The mother has not been charged with a crime, but Whitaker faces one ount of furnishing obscene materials to a minor.

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My mom would of believed me fuck you!

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

I still don't understand why we can't sterilize and/or euthanize people like this. Wouldn't world be a far better place with these people not destroying future generations? Cruel and unusual punishment shouldn't apply here.


This mother is the kind of mother that protects the molester instead of believing her own daughter. He admitted to showing her the porn why would she make up the rest. If he truly did touch her and now her mother has turned her over to cps that doesn't help this child in any way. Stupid people!!!!!


ive Known Nathaniel for well over 21  years and he wouldnt do such things... so Corrie no he did not.. so if you do not know him do not judge him.. and you dont need to use such language on a public forum.. grow up


i know this person and he would never ever do something like that

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