Stench of Alleged Meth Dealer's House Almost Makes Cops Puke -- Dealer Blames House-o-Filth on 13-Year-Old Daughter

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Teresa Ramirez
When Chandler police served a warrant at the home of 47-year-old Teresa Ramirez, an alleged meth dealer now charged with -- among other things -- child abuse, the stench coming from the refrigerator in the home was so revolting it "nearly caused involuntary vomiting to all serving the warrant."

That description comes from court documents obtained by New Times -- the rest of the story is equally despicable because living in that dump with Ramirez was her 13-year-old daughter.

Cops got a tip last week from a "reliable informant" saying Ramirez was selling meth out of her Chandler home at 864 East Chandler Boulevard.

Officers served a warrant to Ramirez's digs on Friday and discovered the nastiness in which she and her daughter had been living.

Cops found used meth pipes, meth torches, and Oxycontin, all in places to which the girl had access.

As for the house: police describe the conditions as "horrid."

There was no electricity in the home aside from an extension cord that was plugged into an outlet in another apartment. Ramirez wasn't using the limited electricity she had to run her refrigerator, as you may have guessed, and police say it was full of rotting food that apparently made everyone who served the warrant want to puke.

Ramirez was using the hijacked electricity to run two televisions -- one of which was connected to a video camera that was pointed out a window. Authorities believe it was used to watch for police.

There was no gas for the stove, or other appliances, and the house is described as "extremely dirty, cluttered, and entirely unhealthy for any human being, let alone a minor."

Ramirez has a history of this sort of thing -- she was previously charged in California with drug possession and willful cruelty to a child.

When questioned by police, Ramirez admitted the Oxycontin was hers. As for the whole selling-meth thing, Ramirez says she aint no dealer. When told she was being charged with selling meth, she told the arresting officer "prove it."

Just to top it all off, Ramirez blamed the disgusting condition of the house on her daughter -- even though, as pointed out in the court docs, the rest of the house was far more disgusting than the 13-year-old's bedroom.

Ramirez has been charged with one count of possession of a dangerous drug for sale, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, one count of use of electronic communication during a drug transaction, one count of child abuse, and one count of narcotics possession. She's being held without bail.

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Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I hope the 13 year girl is ok. They said her bedroom wasn't filthy like the rest of the house. That was horrible. Glad they took the woman to jail before something bad could have happened to her daughter. Rabid racist tweekers are really fucked up.


That's the creepiest looking dude I've ever seen. need sauce.




She was already charged with Child Cruelty yet still had the privledge of a 13 year old girl living with her? What's going to happen to that poor teenager. For being such a strong, together Country why is it we continue to fail our children? Disgusting.


Hey isen't she the Lady that worked at the Wal-mart (green one,food only) on 43rd. ave and Union Hills. Third shift casher?



It's too bad abuse of the caps lock and the English language isn't illegal either. Needless to say, it is a sad, sad situation. I hold out hope for the girl. I really do.


It's too bad when grown men can't master a simple caps lock key.

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