Some Races Neck-and-Neck as Statewide Votes Pour In; Grijalva and Horne Pulling Ahead, for the Moment

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giffords gabrielle 1.jpg
Gabrielle Giffords appears to be pulling off a win against Republican Jesse Kelly.
​The medical marijuana initiative, Proposition 203, is just one of several statewide races that look like they might end in a photo finish.

At 10 p.m. approaches, here are some of the closest ones according to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office:

* Prop 203 -- With 70 percent of precincts reporting, medical marijuana's losing 588,578 votes to 575,840.

* Prop 112 -- The intiative that would change the initiative process (the deadline to turn in petition signatures, to be precise) is winning by a mere 500 or so votes.

* Prop 110 -- Land trusts/land swaps a 50-50 proposition, leading slightly by a few thousand votes.

And for the close, but not really that close:



* Raul Grijalva looks like he'll pull out a win over a political newcomer, but he's only up by 3 percent. We'd still give Ruth McClung a chance, though a mighty slim one. These results are abysmal for Grijalva, who represents a heavily Hispanic district. He's certainly taught future politicians a lesson: Don't call for a boycott against your own state.

* Tom Horne is now up by about 5 points over Felecia Rotellini, his Democratic contender for Arizona Secretary of State. It was a good run for Rotellini.

* Gabrielle Giffords is up 4 points over her Republican opponent, Jesse Kelly. If Giffords pulls this off, as it looks like she will, she'll be one of the heroes of today's Democratic massacre.


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