Phoenix Police Department to Make Changes in South Mountain Precinct

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Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris says changes will be made at the South Mountain Precinct.
In wake of several incidents that have strained the relationship between the Phoenix Police Department and the community, the department announced today that several changes will be made in one its most trouble-plagued precincts.

Whenever there's a problem regarding the Phoenix PD, it seems to almost always have something to do with the South Mountain Precinct, which patrols one of the more dangerous sections of Phoenix. Several incidents -- most notably, the shooting of an unarmed Hispanic man by a white officer, and another incident where an officer roughed up a black city councilman -- have led to allegations of racism and discrimination against the precinct.

But Phoenix Police Chief (or whatever we're calling him these days) Jack Harris says he's committed to keeping the public's trust and says changes will be made.

Harris recently replaced the commander of the precinct with Chris Crockett -- who happens to be black -- and says more changes are in the works.

"In addition to the change of the precinct Commander, on November 15th six precinct Lieutenants will transfer from South Mountain Precinct to other assignments within the City," Harris says in a statement issued this afternoon. "The purpose for this leadership change is to offer police management a new perspective and fresh eyes for continued emphasis on developing community policing strategies, which support increased community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem-solving."

Harris acknowledges problems within the precinct, saying "over the past several months, our Police Department has experienced several incidents that brought into question how officers perform their duties.  Many of these allegations are not justified; however, some are."

Harris says losing the support of the community is "not an option."

Phoenix-based civil rights leader Jarrett Maupin tells New Times the changes are encouraging but they're just the beginning of what needs to be done with not only the South Mountain Precinct but the department as a whole.

"I applaud the chief for making the changes," Maupin says. "But I don't see a clear plan from the chief to improve relationships with [city residents]."

Maupin says there are still more questions than answers when it comes to the department but he's willing to give Harris a chance, despite the fact that many civil rights leaders and other community activists have called for Harris to resign. Maupin says "I'm not on that boat yet, but I'm in line ready to buy a ticket."

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You went to Maupin for a fucking quote on this bullshit? That just shows how correct the officers are in the Chrisman and Johnson case. You try and counter Harris and City Council by going to the 'head nigger' of south Phoenix Maupin? Give us all a break douchbag.

Johnson belonged on his ass in handcuffs, and Chrisman will be back on the street wearing his badge, promise it baby.


Although, I'm not in the South P-town area. But given to the number of unjustified incidents in that area. I hope these so called "changes" are legit enough to see some improvements. And I think it will, if some of the "commanders" are transferring out of South Mtn. Bring in some more non-White officers and women. Perhaps it may help improve race relations.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins


I'm not sure but I think I am picking up some racial bias from your statement. You really need to spin your "head" around and deal with some of the reality here. If your biggest complaint is who they asked for an opinion then you really have very little to complain about.

Chrisman won't be walking free, ever again, and certainly not wearing a badge.

Mr. King, I agree with you in regard to the "Manager of Public Safety" aka "Chief of Police". The Phoenix City Council and city manager need to make a decision on which job Harris is going do, if either. If he's MPS then he needs to maintain that title and work in that role, NOT wearing a PPD uniform, ever again. OR he needs to be CHIEF and nothing else.

In my opinion Mr. Harris (a civilian) should be kept on as MPS and another deserving command officer from PPD promoted to CHIEF. Then the Police Chief and Fire Chief would report to MPS Harris, as is normal for that role.

This silly masquerade of Harris with the formal MPS title as a civilian, while actually working in the role of chief of police is just asinine and truly an insult to the members of the police department, who deserve better. All of this trauma because Harris took advantage of the DROP retirement and Phil Gordon wanted him back as Chief. Mr. Harris can't possibly be so wonderful in his job that someone else can't do at least an equal job. Like me, Mr. Harris has plenty of salt on his roof. It's far past time for him to move on to greener pastures and let someone else do the job of Chief of Police.

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