Meghan McCain Says Christine O'Donnell's "Out of Her Frickin' Mind"

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The witch may not be dead, but her Senate campaign certainly is.
Here at New Times, we always thought the day we applauded Meghan McCain -- the daughter of Senator John McCain -- for anything at all would be a cold day in hell. Well, it's about 75 degrees outside and the younger McCain deserves some credit where credit is due.

Meggie-poo was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, and between jabs at Ryan Seacrest, President Barack Obama, and Bristol Palin, McCain said something we can really get behind: Christine O'Donnell, the accused witch, who just lost her Senate bid in Delaware, is "out of her frickin' mind."

McCain's a lot little on the ditzy side, which makes everything she says hard to support -- even if we agree with it. But she could have had her hair in pig-tails, and been snapping gum in her teeth, when she ripped on O'Donnell and we'd still treat her words like gospel.

Watch Meggie-poo dish on O'Donnell after the jump. 


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Jeanne Rog
Jeanne Rog

The more Meghan talks, the MORE I LIKE HER !!! You are so right about O'Donnell, Meghan.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Jeanne, the more she talks the more I think she could be learning if she were listening instead.

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