John McCain's Not the Star of GOP Election Night Party, as Jan Brewer Works Crowd into SB 1070-Fueled Frenzy

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James King
Jan Brewer, to put it politely, is terrifying.

​As predicted, the U.S. Senate race between Senator John McCain and his Democratic opponent, Rodney Glassman, was a blowout.

McCain clobbered Glassman by roughly 25 percent of the vote, which wasn't even enough to make him the star of the show at the GOP election night party at the Hyatt in downtown Phoenix.

That honor went to Governor Jan Brewer, who worked the packed house into an SB 1070-fueled frenzy after McCain addressed the crowd -- briefly -- early in the night. Attorney General Terry Goddard had conceded after he was trounced by her in the governor's race, and Brewer was feeling her oats.

At one point she screeched that there would be a "foreclosure" on Pennsylvania Avenue in two more years. But more about McCain:

Even though he was the Republican nominee for president just two, short years ago, McCain is not that popular amongst GOPers here -- after a tough primary campaign with a total fucking lunatic more Conservative candidate, J.D. Hayworth -- which was evident at the party.

Sure, the crowd cheered for McCain, but that's because they had to.

"Yeah, I backed Hayworth in the primary," one reluctant applauder told New Times. "McCain's not my favorite, but he'll do."

As results came in, GOPers flocked to two giant screens on either end of the large banquet hall, and they turned into rabid pachyderms when they saw Republicans were running the table.

"Holy crap! Oh my god, holy crap!" one GOPer blurted when he saw Paul Gosar was leading Democratic Representative Anne Kirkpatrick.

When the results of McCain's race flashed across the screen, the same man was silent.

"We knew [McCain] was gonna win," he says. "It's not as exciting."

Brewer, on the other hand, was the belle of the ball -- complete with Jan Brewer impersonators in Rosie the Riveter garb. Check it out below.

James King
This is the kind of shit that was goin' on at the GOP election night party.

McCain will now serve his fifth term as a senator from Arizona. Regardless of how you feel about McCain, given the horseshit campaign Glassman ran, Arizonans can take solace in the fact that it could have been worse: Arizona's next senator could have been J.D. Hayworth.

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Another election is over and the pundits will claim the Republicans won, which they did, but the election is always just half the battle. The real test is governing.

But at least the voting booth I used didn't start weeping! LOL!



Bitter much?


She uses the word Foreclosure not once but twice in her silly speech and not evenin reference to the problem of foreclosure for many in Az but in a threatening manner,against perceived enemies and the White House. Plus she acted drunk or medicatedagain. She is a disgrace.


she needs to back working truckstop parking lots on I-80 . and get totaly gone from this state .( oooppps .. WAS ONCE A STATE , now a State of fear and hate )

actualy with the voters telling her and the other money grabbers in the house and senate , that the voters will NOT be letting the funds for the kids , and the land trusts get in thier hands , Jansky lost bigger than she won .

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