Greg Stanton Leaving AG's Office at End of Month; Expected to Announce Run for Mayor

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If you're planning to run for mayor of Phoenix, please raise your hand. (See? Proof!)
Since Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard's days are numbered, it's likely that Deputy Attorney General Greg Stanton will put himself on the short list of politicos who plan to run for mayor of Phoenix.

That list of potential candidates already includes Councilman Claude Mattox, Councilwoman Peggy Neely, and maybe Wes Gullett.

Stanton confirms that he's leaving the AG's office at the end of the month, and tells New Times he will make an announcement about his future plans shortly thereafter.

He gave the requisite plug to his boss, saying that it's been an "honor to work for Terry Goddard, who is an incredibly ethical elected official."

Stanton, who grew up in west Phoenix, spent nine years on the City Council representing the posh neighborhoods of Ahwatukee, Arcadia, North Central, and Biltmore.

While he won't confirm the obvious, he does say he has a thought or two about the direction Phoenix has taken since he left his council post to join the AG's office in 2009.

"We have to eliminate the CityNorth-mentality that permeates much of the decision making at the city," he says. "Now, I voted against that $100 million subsidy for a parking garage. It just didn't make sense to me to give away much needed resources to subsidize suburban sprawl with a shopping development. Our priority should be to support established neighborhoods and established businesses in Phoenix."

And, his thoughts on all the talk out there about the wages and benefits of the city's 14,000 employees?

Well, Stanton says, "Phoenix employees should not be demonized, they should become our partners, and the city should reach out to them to come up with long-term solutions."

Well, if he does decide to run for mayor, that should get him at least 14,000 votes.

He squeezes into his comments that while he was on the City Council, he focused on "building a more diverse and high-wage economy" and was a staunch supporter of education, especially in the areas (math, science, and engineering) that will attract high-wage jobs Phoenix desperately needs.

Sounds a lot like the talking points of a mayoral candidate.

Oh yeah, he's running.

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Ms Info
Ms Info

Not surprising, although I wonder how far he can go. I've heard he's dumber than a box of hair.


Excited to see that Stanton is running. I used to live in his district when he was on the City Council and was impressed with how accessible he was. He was always out in the community and was a great neighborhood advocate.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Hmmmm.... so you think he MIGHT be running, eh Monica? We can't get anything by you...


Another priority for Stanton. Apparently getting rid of seat-belt laws. j/k - but seriously that driver in that pic isnt even paying attention. lol.

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