Glendale Man Runs Two Red Lights, Smashes Into Three Cars; Blames Wreck on "Spice"

Zachary Snow
A Glendale man was taken into custody yesterday after running two red lights and crashing into three cars. When asked about the wreck, the man told police "Spice" is to blame.

As you may know, "Spice" is a brand of synthetic marijuana, and after (ahem) extensive research, was determined by New Times staff to be amongst the strongest brands of faux-weed.

Police say Zachary Snow was driving eastbound on Thomas Road, near Scottsdale Road, yesterday morning when he smashed into three cars stopped at a red light.

Witnesses told police later that they saw Snow blow through two red lights just before crashing.

After plowing into three cars -- and blowing through two red lights -- Snow climbed through the sunroof and ran to a nearby shopping center. Witnesses pointed him out and he was taken into custody.

When questioned by police, Snow said he didn't really remember the wreck because he had ingested "Spice" prior to driving.

One of the beauties of fake weed is that it doesn't show up on a routine drug test -- so Snow probably could have gotten away with blaming the wreck on being tired, or briefly passing out, or just about anything that wouldn't get him immediately cited for driving while impaired.
Although, climbing out of the sunroof and fleeing the scene certainly didn't help his case.

Snow went with "Spice," though, and is being held on charges of driving while impaired and leaving the scene of an accident.

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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

Another doofus didn't have enough sense to shut up and lawyer up.


So... The spice must flow... through two red lights and into three cars.


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Pit Boss
Pit Boss

Great, he just made my only source of THC illegal.

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