David Schweikert: Early Figures Show Comfortable Lead

Categories: Election 2010
Schweikert: The margin is growing
Congressional candidate David Schweikert is up by nearly 12,000 voters as early polling numbers start rolling out.

The margin has been widening between Schweikert and his opponent Congressman Harry Mitchell.
Schweikert: 59,134
Mitchell: 47,148

And his fellow-Republicans appear to be on the same path to victory.

There was a brief burst of jubilation when Schweikert shared the latest figures with his volunteers, which was followed by an obviously tired and cranky volunteer who said, "What is everyone so excited about? This is what we expected."

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Another election is over and the pundits will claim the Republicans won, which they did, but the election is always just half the battle. The real test is governing.

But at least the voting booth I used didn't start weeping! LOL!



Well, with GOPers in control of the house, get ready for the bickering that is certain to follow. The lawsuits, the investigations of nothing, and the helpless, hopeless road that is their agenda. The "do nothing" party will now derail any plans to take this country forward. Their plan to help this country is: NOTHING, but fear and attaks on the president. Let see where that plan takes those who are unemployed, those business that can't get any credit. On the other hand, if you live in China you are happy as can be, as these GOPers will push for more jobs to go your way.

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