Claude Mattox Reports Screamin' Javelinas Are Still Together

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There's a reason they call 'em "Screamin' Javelinas"
Although Phoenix City Councilman Claude Mattox is the only one listed for a Sunday afternoon musical performance at the CityScape Block Party, rest assured that the 90-minute set also includes the rest of Mattox's band -- the Screamin' Javelinas.

Speculation ran rampant (in at least one New Times' office) about whether the band, which usually performs together, had broken up. 

"We're like brothers," Mattox said. "We're constantly fighting, but still love each other. But all is right with the world -- the Screamin' Javelinas are still together."

He said that it's a paying gig, but the band only making enough money to buy guitar strings.

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