Channel 15 "Exclusive" on Baseline Killer Case Defines Lame

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We wrote earlier this year about the obsession of Rusty Stuart, a veteran Phoenix street cop (in photo) who became fixated during the Baseline Killer investigation with the possible culpability of a seriously mentally ill, low-level criminal named Terry Wayne Smith.


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​Here's the story, which we called "Going Rogue."

Suffice to say that the piece points out that any -- and we do mean any -- evidence that links Smith to any of the Baseline Killer cases or to Mark Goudeau, the convicted rapist facing trial next year in the serial murder case, is non-existent.

When we say non-existent, we'll defer to the dictionary definition of the word, which is "absence of existence, a thing that has no existence."

We wrote the following in our cover story, and stand by it:

"A review of Stuart's [police] report finds it rife with speculation, innuendo, leaps of logic, and factual inaccuracies. That Stuart's effort eventually found a receptive audience with an uncritical news media, a virulently anti-Phoenix PD Web site, and Goudeau's defense team is part of this tangled yarn."

Another point we made was that the subtext of the Stuart allegations (check out the link to our story if you want to get the skinny) concerned the antipathy of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA, the police union) toward most of the agency's top brass, led by beleaguered Public Safety Manager (read: Police Chief) Jack Harris.

Stuart is a representative of PLEA, and his disdain for all things management at the PPD (except for those supervisors who buy his unsubstantiated B.S.) is no secret.

To that end, the cop may end up testifying on behalf of convicted rapist (serving a life sentence, in effect for assaulting two Phoenix sisters) and accused murderer Goudeau at the trial, at least if the defense team has its way.

Channel 5 took a run at Stuart's dangerously fanciful tale some time ago in its own "exclusive investigation" on Rusty Stuart, Terry Wayne Smith, and Mark Goudeau.

It was lame.

Last night, Channel 15 did its own six-minute "exclusive investigation" on "new revelations" in the Baseline case.

Even more lame than its competitor -- check it out on the station's Web site to see for yourselves.

Question: What happened to the concept of actual "reporting?"

Hey, the sprawling murder cases against Goudeau aren't perfect -- few cases are.

And, yes, the Phoenix police crime lab surely should have processed the dude's DNA to the crime lab in a more timely manner. That unfortunate misstep, however, is fodder for another forum.

But as for the outcome of the Mark Goudeau murder case, we'll stick to the "bold" (LOL) prediction made in "Going Rogue" earlier this year, when we wrote, "The odds of Goudeau's defense team convincing even one juror of any of [Rusty Stuart's theories] are about as long as making them believe Jesus Christ was involved in the conspiracy."



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If you read Paul Rubin on a regular basis (as I do) you would come to the same conclusion every time: Anyone with half of brain could be a journalist in this country and Paul may be the worst one out there. Complete moron.

what is going on
what is going on

Rubin did have this story first, I saw that 15 story and when compared looks like 15 had new taped conversations with the cop and that he is going to testify That's not the reporter in the Hendershott stuff - he guy is no longer on the 15 website.


Get it Right,

You need to learn how to spell. It's Stuart, not Stewart. What a dumb ass.


Get it Right, You need to learn how to spell it right. It's Stuart, not Stewart. Talk about dumb ass.

Get It Right
Get It Right

Paul Ruben, you continue to spew garbage and misrepresentation of the facts. Aren't even you bound to any journalistic ethics? Doesn't appear so. If Rusty Stewart's report was such trash, then why did Alex Femenia, Mike Mieslish and other BK task team case agents go to such lenghths to hide it. Even Andrew (Candy Thomas covered it up. A lot of attention to so-called rubish. You're a dope and homicide's girl. Terry Wayne Smith IS THE BASELINE KILLER not Mark Goudeau. Stupid. Oh, one more thing - noticed that you weren't even nominated for Arizona's Journalism award. Funny, the journalist who broke open the cover up of Smith was not only nominated but WON the award based on her article of the cover up. GO SHANNA HOGAN!!!!


If I remember correctly it was a Channel 15 reporter who was puffing on Hendershott's white owl when they did a BS story attacking Dan Saban. Now the crew at 15 is jumping in bed with a goofy fucking Phoenix police officer who should be pounding a beat in the nuthouse at 24th Street and Van Buren.


It's easy to be so brash, Mr. "Get It Right," when YOU hide your identity when making comments...

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