Ban on "Gay Justin Bieber" Costume Prompts 12-Year-Old to Pull Knife on Mom

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Somebody call the doctor
Bieber Fever: either you got it or you don't. A Surprise mom seems to be burnin' up with the affliction because she banned her 12-year-old son from dressing as a "gay Justin Bieber" for Halloween. He wasn't happy, and, in a very un-Bieber-like move -- responded by pulling a knife on her.

To some, "gay Justin Bieber" may seem redundant, which is what makes the costume idea even more awesome. Pulling a knife on your mom isn't awesome, and the kid didn't get to go trick-or-treating as a result.

The boy's mother reportedly told him the idea was disrespectful and that he couldn't wear it out trick-or-treating. The two started arguing and the mother told the kid that not only couldn't he wear the costume, but he was also grounded and couldn't trick-or-treat at all.

The kid went ballistic -- he threw a tantrum, grabbed a knife out of his room, and told the mother he was going to kill her.

He must of forgot that he's 12-years-old and, apparently, a wimp, because his mother was able to disarm him without incident and call the police.

The kid was arrested on suspicion of threatening his mother with a knife.

For more "gay Justin Bieber" news click here. We don't want to spoil it for you, but the link is a Web site devoted to lesbians who look like Justin Bieber -- enjoy. 

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whats wrong with you people . is because he so hot you cant stand it. cut out saying he is gay. each one of you would give any thing to be in his shoes. im sure he knows if he is gay or not.  i say hes not.

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