Inmate Convicted of Sex With 10-Year-Old Daughter Found Dead in Cell; Authorities Suspect Suicide

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James Galloway
An Arizona prison inmate convicted of sexually assaulting his daughter and one of his daughter's friends is believed to have killed himself at the Eyman Prison last week.

James Galloway, 54, was serving 18 life sentences for multiple acts of sexual abuse. He was found dead in his cell last Tuesday.

Galloway had been a guest of the state since September, 2008, following his sexual assault convictions.

Based on court documents obtained by New Times, it seems Galloway was a pretty sick dude.

When Galloway's daughter was only 7-years-old, he started watching porn movies with her.

After about a month of only watching the films, Galloway started to feel the girl up as they watched porn.

By the time the girl was 10, Galloway started having sex with her -- while he forced her to watch porn with him -- on a regular basis.

When the girl was 11-years-old, she had a friend sleep over. Galloway included the friend in the porn parties and eventually had sex with her, too -- on several occasions, the sex took place in Galloway's tow truck in what court docs describe as "driving lessons."

After the friend started hanging out at Galloway's house more frequently, she says he would start walking around completely naked.

Galloway was convicted in September, 2008, and was expected to die in prison, which he did -- successfully -- just after midnight last Tuesday.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

His picture reminds me of a scene from Silence of the Lambs. His eyes look like he is already dead in the picture. Perhaps his eyes are an expression of his lifeless soul.

Evil has left the building
Evil has left the building

The "life sentence" of one James Galloway has now concluded. Mr, Galloway will be interred in the so-called "Boot Hill" section of Florence Prison's backyard in a coffin box untreated for resilience against the earthen critters that Nature has provided for the purposes of deteriorating anything the ground might regard as an unnatural violator.In State custody, this is where one goes when time or self inflicted act ends their stay on Earth. Retrieval of a deceased relative's body from ADOC is a morbid process more time consuming than you'd think was reasonable. Facts must be recorded; documents must be filed. If you owe Arizona, you will pay Arizona. Death is no good reason for early parole. This state has had less creative inmate escapes than feigning death and getting smuggled to the outside in a coffin.For James Galloway the evil that was his has now left the building. For the children that were fucked by this abomination of human flesh, their life sentences are only beginning, and will be unspeakably more harsh in execution. Lives lived in confusion, fear, anger and unremitting torment. A life of liquor and drug addiction; lives spent in a succession of bars, parking lots, truck stops and whore houses. It would have been more humane had he killed them after he'd fucked them.Do you realize what you have done, James ?

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