The Arizona Republic Endorses Ben Quayle in CD3 Race; Echoes What We've Been Saying About Jon Hulburd for Weeks

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Ben Quayle
A few weeks ago, we had a chance to ask Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd if he was actually a Republic trying to pass himself off as a Democrat. He insisted he was in fact a Democrat residing under the Democratic Party's "very big tent."

We weren't entirely convinced and our suspicions grew stronger when Hulburd told us last week that he supported SB 1070 and opposed the DREAM Act.

The Arizona Republic seemed equally unimpressed with Hulburd's schizophrenic political positions and endorsed his opponent, Ben Quayle, in the District Three Congressional race.

"We don't agree with Quayle on every point, but we know where he stands," the Republic's editorial board concluded. "With Hulburd, it's mostly an open question except when he is mimicking Republican talking points."

The endorsement points out that while Quayle firmly stated he would not support the Obama Administration's health care overhaul, Hulburd wouldn't say whether he would have voted for the bill if he had been in Congress when it passed.

More from the Republic:

If this were a job interview, Democrat Jon Hulburd would have the large advantage. He rose to become a partner at Fennemore Craig, one of Phoenix's top law firms. He left to start an import business. He has career and community accomplishments that Quayle can't match.

But elections aren't just about resumes. They're about ideas. And on that score, Quayle is the better candidate to succeed John Shadegg. Quayle is well-versed in the issues. He speaks with passion and conviction.

Check out the entire Republic's endorsement here.

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Az Debtman
Az Debtman

This is why I refuse to purchase the Republic Newspaper. Electing idiobots to political chairs that have no business in politics in the first place. The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz!


I wish he would have got in front of the "Dirty" issue. He handled it rather weasley.


He spoke passionately on The "Desperately" is perhaps a better word.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

He speaks with passion and conviction? The same kid whose father announced he had filed to run for congress?

Ben who?

Ben why?

No, I don't support the other guy, either. But Ben is just a carbon of his father. THAT is not a win....

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