Senate Bill 1070: Even The Damned Psychologists Are Chiming In!

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Other than Pinal County sheriff's deputy Louie Puroll (if you believe him), just about everyone , including small children and our loyal mascot Frax (who looks an awful lot like the Jack Russell terrier in the photo), has heard about Senate Bill 1070.

You know, the divisive anti-illegal immigration legislation signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer last April and now meandering its way through a slew of legal challenges.


Hardly can escape reading about or seeing something about the darned thing.

We tried to do just that a moment ago by opening Monitor on Psychology, a glossy publication put out by the American Psychological Association.

We were killing time waiting for a phone interview to start by reading about how, yup, yawning may have evolved to keep brains at the perfect temperature (see last May's Journal of Comparative Psychology for exciting details!) when we bumped into a piece entitled, "Deciding Who Belongs."

The subhead read, "Arizona's immigration law will likely harm police-community relations and increase stereotyping and prejudice, psychologists say."

To which we respond, "Stop the flippin' presses!"

Dr. Phillip Goff, a UCLA psychology prof and a police department consultant, makes sense to us when he says in the story that both illegal immigrants and legal residents are less likely to report crimes if they suspect it could get their neighbors deported.

Naturally, the Arizona Psychological Association would not take a position on the controversial law, according to its president, Dr. Chris Nicholls.

But the well-spoken Dr. Goff told the Monitor, "This kind of law is very likely to increase the situations that allow crime to happen."

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Lily Pad2713
Lily Pad2713

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Concerned Citizen 


The Sheriff and Louie are in this together, I hope Paul Rubin exposes them for what they are.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

When it come to our rogue law dog--Shurf APE-I-hole, I think we know what the shrinks will say about him....

"Mentally ill".

And sadly, he's still the least for now.

Deputy Dog
Deputy Dog

Making up you got shot by a bunch of mexicans is a crime.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

But you see, Deputy, no one in Pinal County cares that such a story was created out of fiction. It's certainly not to the advantage of the sheriff or many state politicians to have this guy found out.

But, Mr. Rubin, what could a bunch of psychologists possibly know about human behavior trends?

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