Queen Creek Man Faces Assault Charges Following Failed Liquor Theft -- Judging by His Mug Shot, He's Thrilled About it

Smile: You just got arrested for assault!
The man to the left is 19-year-old Christopher Cravey. You're probably wondering what has him so happy that he's willing to flash those shockingly-present chompers of his. Apparently, it's the aggravated assault and shoplifting charges he's facing following a liquor-theft-gone-wrong.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff's Department, Cravey, a Queen Creek resident, entered a Fry's grocery store in San Tan Valley on Saturday night and tried to steal some liquor.

Despite being a seasoned veteran when it comes to shoplifting from that same exact store several times in the past, he failed miserably.

Cravey tried to steal two bottles of liquor by hiding them under his clothes, but as he left the store, the anti-theft devices on the bottles triggered the store's alarm as he walked out.

Cravey tried to run but a security guard was able to grab his shirt before he got away.

Rather than give up, Cravey turned around and punched the security guard in the face, knocking him over.

Cravey wasn't out of the woods, though, a shopper saw what was goin' down and stepped in.

As Cravey was running through the parking lot, the shopper was able to catch, tackle, and restrain Cravey until police arrived.

Cravey admitted to police that he had stolen the alcohol. He said he thought he had taken bottles that didn't have the anti-theft devices on the them. He also told police he was upset because he thought store employees weren't supposed to chase shoplifters. He was pissed off even more because not only had he been chased but he was also tackled.

The store employee who Cravey punched in the face suffered a broken arm and a dislocated finger caused by his falling to the ground after being hit.

Cravey faces charges of aggravated assault and shoplifting. He's being held on $7,500 bond.

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Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Are yiou sure he's 19? I thought I was looking at a 30 year old man. But regardless, that dumb grin on his face, will wipe off clean in a matter of days. Didn't we just had a similiar incident like this earlier this year? Where a dude was smiling for the cam, and in a next few days, another mug showing him to be (ahem) not so "happy".


19 going on 38. I see liver failure in this man's future. Sad.


I wonder if Numbnuts robbed the Fry's that has the Pinal Sheriff's substation right around the corner?..


yes he 19 he was born in feb of 91 Iam his Aunt Im so shocked but not surprised,

James King
James King

There was. I wrote about it. I can't for the life of me remember the story, though. I'll track it down and get back to you. That was hilarious.

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