Prescott Sex Offender Used Airport Shuttle to Make Meth Deals

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​A good way to get caught moving drugs around is to have them in your car while you're driving.

 As most cops will tell you (off the record, of course) if they want to pull someone over, it's not hard to find some minor infraction. From window tint that's too dark to a cracked windshield to the infamous "wide turn" -- if the cops want to pull you over, they can.

A sex offender living in Prescott discovered a great way to move crystal meth without having to worry about any of that: he used an airport shuttle to drive him from Prescott to Phoenix to buy and sell meth.

According to the Prescott Police Department, the somewhat-brilliant
scheme came to an end last week after someone tipped off the cops that
52-year-old John Russell Krohn would be arriving in Prescott on an
airport shuttle, and with him, would be about seven ounces of meth.

The tip was correct. Krohn was on the shuttle and so was the meth.

Also in Krohn's possession, according to court documents first obtained by The Daily Courier in Prescott, were syringes and a scale.

Krohn told officers he would take the shuttle from Prescott to Phoenix once every two days to buy $250 worth of meth.

After taking a little for himself, Krohn says he would sell the meth for about $500.

Not only is Krohn facing drug possession and distribution charges, he's a
sex offender who was supposed to be living in Phoenix -- not Prescott.
He's also lookin' at potential charges of failure to register as a sex

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Seattle Airport Transportation
Seattle Airport Transportation

The tip was appropriate. Krohn was on the taxi and so was the meth. After getting a little for himself, Krohn says he would offer the meth for about $500.

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Yes Charles, and if he was hauling 7 oz in every two days he was supplying the whole frickin county. Numbers don't add up.

Charles Ward
Charles Ward

Seven ounces of meth for $250? Never touch the stuff myself, but that seems a tad low.

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