Politico Backs Off Claim That Ben Quayle Lied About The Dirty

Ben Quayle
Remember when Politico claimed Congressional candidate Ben Quayle lied about his connection with the raunchy Web site The Dirty? And the news that he lied spread like wildfire around the Internet, ultimately making its way to the front page of the New York Times? The (ahem) funny thing about that is if you ask Politico today, Quayle never lied.

In an article posted on the Politico Web site last week, the news outlet clarifies the allegations that Quayle lied.

From Politico:

"The resulting media frenzy put Quayle's ties to Dirty Scottsdale on every cable news network, in POLITICO, Time magazine and eventually on the front page of The New York Times. Quayle continues to deny a role in founding the site, and Richie has backed off the charge, though Quayle has always admitted to writing some posts under a pseudonym and to putting Richie in touch with an intellectual property lawyer."

"Quayle has always admitted to writing some posts under a pseudonym?" That information would have been somewhat helpful before Politico ran with the headline "Ben Quayle Changes Story on Web site," which is what fueled the allegations that he lied, and, as we find out now, never happened.

The Politico reporter who initially asked Quayle about The Dirty refused to speak on the record about the clarification but Quayle's campaign is happy to.

Here's what apparently went down: the Politico reporter called Quayle at his house around 6 a.m. It's an unlisted number but because Quayle's wife's father was in the hospital that morning, Quayle answered the phone.

The reporter asked Quayle if he was involved with founding The Dirty. He said no. The followup question asked if he was involved at all. Still thinking the reporter was referring to the founding of the Web site, Quayle answered no again. At no point did the reporter ask the candidate if he had written for the Web site.

Politico ran with the headline "Quayle Denies Link to Dirty Scottsdale Web site." The problem with that being Quayle only denied founding the site. Again, the reporter never asked if he had written for the Web site.

A few hours after the initial conversation with the reporter -- and after the false allegations that he denied any link to the site had spread --  Quayle announced he had contributed some satirical posts for the site.

This prompted a different Politico reporter, who was not involved in the initial conversation, to post the story about Quayle denying being linked to the Web site.

News that he lied was more scandalous for some than the news that he had contributed posts to the site, which, if you've read, aren't all that bad. 

As Quayle's communications director, Jay Heiler, tells New Times about the allegations that he lied, "you can't unring a bell.

"Ben's explanation of the essential  facts has been clear and straightforward all along. It's the accusation that keeps shifting."

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Whatever the extent of Ben's involvement with the site he was aware of it was all about. Which was mostly denigrating women for their appearance and perceived sexual behavior.

If it had been a racist or anti Semitic website no one would be doing this semantic hairsplitting.


The liberal democrat in this race supports cap-and-trade, unions that boycott Arizona and increased government spending. He'll vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house. He doesn't have our vote!!


Jon Hulburd lives off his wife's inherited money. He hasn't had a job in 15 years.

Hulburd thinks he's better than you because his wife is rich. Hulburd is a loser. He is running for congress to just try to prove to his in-laws he's not pathetic.


Quayle is a good man. His opponent is just out to get him.

Meanwhile, his opponent will vote for NANCY PELOSI!!

James King
James King

In his defense, Donna, have you read the post "Brock" published on The Dirty? I link to it above. That's the only one that surfaced and if you consider calling a woman "foxy" degrading then, frankly, that's your problem. That's the most degrading item in the whole article. Actually, "Brock" points out how attractive the woman is. What's "degrading" about that?


James, I know it was mere women who were being dissed on Dirty Scottsdale but try to imagine that women are actual people for a second. To wit: If Ben had confined his commentary to praising certain Jews for being good with money on a website that espoused virulent anti-Semitic views you'd be okay with that? How about if it had been a rabidly Hispanic immigrant bashing website, where Ben Quayle made contributions singing the praises of a particular landscaper?

But it was just women who were trashed on Dirty Scottsdale. Silly, stupid women! Ben Quayle/Brock Landers singled out a particular woman to praise her for having the physical attributes he prefers. On a website committed to denigrating women for daring to appear in public while having active sex lives. What a mensch!

Ben Quayle describes himself as a "lifelong social conservative" on his own campaign website. Was he handing out Bible tracts at the Scottsdale clubs he frequented with Nik Ritchie just a few years ago? Doubt it. But now he has guys like you defending him, even as he campaigns against a woman's right to choose and the right of gays to marry.


Quayle posted a few innocuous, satirical posting on a now defunct blog. It was fiction! The real woman hater in this race is Jon Hulburd who was sued for defaming a woman at his rich country club. This is not fiction.

Hulburd was sued for spreading nasty rumors about a lesbian affair. He insults and looks to destroy women who work at his rich country club. Hulburd is a rabid sexist and an elitist.


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