Phoenix Sergeant Fatally Shot Near Capitol Identified; Once Awarded Medal of Valor

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Phoenix PD
Phoenix Police Sergeant Sean Drenth
The Phoenix Police Department has identified the sergeant found shot to death near the state capitol last night.

The deceased officer is 35-year-old Sergeant Sean Drenth.

Drenth is a 12-year veteran of the department and leaves behind his wife of 13 years and his mother.

In 2003, Drenth received the department's medal of valor after he rescued people trapped in an apartment fire that had spread from a nearby storage facility.

"Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with his family, and we will be doing everything humanly possible to find out what happened," Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris said at a press conference this morning.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, officers began looking for Drenth after he failed to respond to radio calls around 10 p.m. yesterday.

Around 11 p.m., Capitol Police spotted what they thought was an abandoned police cruiser in an alley behind the Arizona Department of Transportation parking lot near 17th Avenue and Jefferson Street. Inside, they found Drenth's body.

Police are looking for suspects and trying to determine whether there are any surveillance cameras in the area that may have recorded shooting.

The Phoenix Police Department has a lot on its plate right now -- the department is currently investigating two officer-involved shootings and an officer charged with assault after allegedly choking his live-in girlfriend -- so Harris is asking for the public's patience as the department continues to investigate the shooting.

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My thought n my thought only phoenix is so big and getting bigger there needs to be two officers in the cruiser per shift SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zord Lyng
Zord Lyng

You copied and pasted everything but the last paragraph, classy. NOT!


It's a shame it wasn't the cop who choked his girlfriend and punched the arresting Officer in the face that got 901ed. RIP Sean Drenth.


Sheriff Joe is a hero, just like this Sgt on PPD.



Very sad. A police officer dying alone in an alley shows how dangerous the job can be. I hope they arrest the killer. We rant about the few bad cops, and the horrible sheriff, and forget that day-to-day the majority of cops are doing very good job doing a dangerous occupation.

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