Phoenix Police Fatally Shoot Suspect. That's Two Shootings in Two Weeks -- This One Seems Justified

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For the second time in just under two weeks, a Phoenix police officer fatally shot a man suspected of a crime.

Unlike the last shooting, where Officer Richard Chrisman inexplicably shot an unarmed domestic-violence suspect -- and his dog -- the officers involved in yesterday's early-morning shooting seem to have had reason to pull the trigger.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, officers tried to pull over a Yukon Denali around 1 a.m. yesterday.

Rather than stop the vehicle, the driver took off before crashing the SUV into the median near 67th Avenue and McDowell Road in Phoenix.

The auto was disabled following the crash, but its two occupants got out and took off running.

At the time, an off-duty officer was in a nearby Quick Trip convenience store. He heard what was going on and joined in the pursuit.

The officers captured one of the suspects, an unidentified, 29-year-old Hispanic man, but the other suspect continued to run.

Officers told the man to stop -- which he did, right before he pulled a gun from his waistband.

The suspect pointed his gun at the officers. They did the same and fatally shot the suspect.

Both suspects, police believe, are undocumented, which is why police have been unable to positively identify them.

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Do what the fuck youre told by a cop, and you wont be shot in the fucking head. Note to will be vindicated.


And the Fear Level rises another Notch.

Not pointing fingers, the Officer did what he had to, and the deceased was an idiot. But It's just tragic what this will do to both sides of the imigration argument. The undocumented will be more afraid of the police, and the citizenry will be more afraid of the undocumented.

Fuck Chrisman
Fuck Chrisman

Chrisman is going to jail, you cant' shoot people cause you have a stick up your ass. The community will be vindicated when Chrisman and all his type go to jail. In Arizona there is a long history of corrupt cops. God bless all the decent, hardworking officers. To hell with the dirty cops.

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