Phoenix P.D.'s South Mountain Precinct Gets New Commander -- Two Racially-Charged, Highly-Publicized Incidents Later

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A highly controversial precinct of the Phoenix Police Department will have a new commander, Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris announced.

Phoenix's South Mountain Precinct has been at the center of two high-profile, racially charged incidents since March, so perhaps a change in leadership is due -- or overdue.

Commander Chris Crockett will now head the precinct, following the latest incident. That incident, as we showed you yesterday, now involves an officer planting a crack pipe on a woman, which was all caught on tape.

Check out the video -- again -- after the jump (it's too outrageous to not show again).

As you can see in the video (if you skip to about 2:30 -- right after Officer Richard Chrisman is seen intimidating the woman in the video with his criminal-beater for no apparent reason), Chrisman and the female officer go to the trunk of the police cruiser and retrieve what police say was "drug paraphernalia." Then, they walk back to the woman, Chrisman hands the pipe to the female officer as she's patting down the suspect. The officers then tell the suspect they found the pipe during the pat down and rough her up a little bit -- probably because she denied the pipe was hers.

If you never really got why N.W.A. was so pissed, just watch that video.

Phoenix police say the officers never used the crack pipe as evidence against the woman -- rather, they just planted it to "get a reaction."

That "reaction" the officers caused was probably panic, fear, and anger. Each cop involved was only given a one-day suspension.

Chrisman is also the officer charged with murder charge for shooting an unarmed Hispanic man -- and his dog -- last week for no apparent reason.

Read all about that ridiculousness here.

The South Mountain Precinct was in the news again in March, when an officer threw Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson to the ground.

Johnson, who's black, was trying to assist his neighbor, whose house was on fire at the time.

The incident sparked a racial debate over charges that civil-rights violations happened far too frequently within the South Mountain Precinct.

Crockett will have his work cut out for him. There's already the impression that the South Mountain Precinct is full of racist cops, which doesn't play well considering it's smack-dab in the middle of an area with a lot of minorities. It's also a dangerous beat so Crockett will have to find the proper balance between thuggery and politeness.

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Let me guess, Michael Johnson put another nigger in charge of his old stomping grounds in South Phoenix?


I have trained and worked with Crockett. They are getting a GOOD Commander. He will never tolerate any avtivities such as this and will definitley follow the book. The South Mountain Precinct under Dave Thomas was straight. Crockett will bring this back!!!!!!!

The Lou Show
The Lou Show

SHAME ON THE PHOENIX NEW TIME . . . . . . for sitting on this story for more than a week!While all the other media in Arizona reported on this rogue cop, and the protests that followed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR A WHOLE WEEK, The Phoenix New Times literally ignored this community story in favor of political gossip. Here was a grass roots effort to push back against the tyranny of government protecting one of it's own, people gathered every evening to protest the leniency given to this cop after he so cavalierly killed an unarmed man. SHAME ON YOU PHOENIX NEW TIMES! Of all the media in Arizona, The Phoenix New Times should have been the FIRST to report the goings on surrounding the community outrage against the Phoenix Police Department and Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley. It now seems that the moral of the story is the Arizonans can no longer depend on The Phoenix New Times to report how the community is repeatedly taken advantage of TPTB. Maybe The Phoenix New Times has "jumped the shark"? Maybe The Phoenix New Times has become a part of the corrupt system of Arizona government . . . and resisted reporting on something for fear of offending someone in power. Why is it the The Phoenix New Times said nothing while this story grew larger and larger. Where is the disconnect?Why did The Phoenix New Times seemingly ignore . . . this:


So....if I'm pulled over while driving by Phoenix PD and while retrieving my insurance/registration my passenger puts a crack pipe in the glove box - you know, just to "get a reaction" and all - there's no way they'll search my car, call dogs in then impound it, right? I mean, he just wanted to "get a reaction" and apparently it's ok for them to do it.

And, of course, Chrisman was the only one out of 3000 Phoenix PD that does this, right?

This is a major, major issue that demands more attention, investigation and public knowledge.


South Mountain Pct. straight under Dave Thomas???? You must have been part of his "network" of covering up the lesbian scandals that permeated South Mountain Precinct in the 80's. You won't find those investigations anywhere. The "fix" was in, and anyone trying to expose it or get it investigated was suspended, intimidated, or transferred to protect the department from scrutiny.

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Seriously, after they planted the crack pipe, did you somehow end up with it? I've only seen this on New Times until tooday. Hell, yesterday I Googled Chrisman plant crack pipe and found 3 links for the New Times and one for a Chicago news outlet, and that was IT. Pull your head out of your ass and ask instead why this guy got a 1 day susupension for planting the crack pipe back in '05...

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