UPDATED: Phoenix P.D.'s Killer Cop to be Arraigned This Morning -- This Time for Murder

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Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman
Charged with assault and currently free on bail, the Phoenix police officer who fatally shot an unarmed domestic violence suspect -- and his dog -- will be in court this morning to be arraigned on new charges.

Officer Richard Chrisman will be arraigned on charges of second-degree murder, animal cruelty, and assault stemming from the shooting death of Danny Rodriguez earlier this month.

If you're unfamiliar with the story click here.

Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley said at a press conference last week that the officer will not be re-arrested and will likely remain free on bail -- something attorney Michael Manning, who represents the family of the victim, asked Romley to reconsider.

At the same press conference, Phoenix police Chief Jack Harris said there's a chance Chrisman will be fired from the department even before his case is resolved. Harris said he would be meeting with Chrisman to give him a chance to explain why he should keep his job. No word on whether that meeting has taken place yet.

Chrisman is on the Brady List (a list of cops known to be dishonest) for an unrelated incident where he planted a crack pipe on a homeless woman to "mess with her."

Check back to Valley Fever later for updates. In the meantime, enjoy the video of Chrisman planting evidence below.

UPDATE 9:04 a.m.: Chrisman pled not guilty to all charges. He's due back in court December 6.

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... surprised the NT hasn't underlined the fact that last time (mebbe the 1st time .. recently)that a citizen murdering cop (lovelace) was charged w/ 2 heavy a felony .. they get exonerated & rightly so, tho perhaps not in loveless's case. But come on does anyone think Chrisman went out to kill someone that night? Please. Then the fact that his partner sounds pretty incredible if his wife was working w/ traffickers while he's playing narc ... not very tidy. Remember this guy was bad enough his own mother called the police saying she was afraid he'd hurt her again, clearly the tazers were tried and had no effect ... after that ... hey a high% of people giving this level of active resistence are going to get shot. Our police should not be getting injured or killed maintaing the peace. Pity the more experienced narc partner didnt jump in early on the deceased & simply choke him out & cuff him...

john baker
john baker

Whose the bitch cop who went along with the planting of the crack pipe! She needs to be fired too.Heaven forbid a cop kills any of my kids the way that hero did. I dont know if I could keep my guns silent!


stupid pig deserves to die! along with his kids and wife!


This man needs to be locked up. Or at least raise his bail. Murder is murder regardless of who commits it. The police should not get special treatment when they commit a crime.

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