Phoenix Man Who Dropped Dead Wife Off at Police Station Pleads Guilty to Second-Degree Murder

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Dwight Wesley
Back in April, a Phoenix man dropped his dead wife off at a police station in downtown Phoenix. Today, he pled guilty to second-degree murder.

According to court documents, when 58-year-old Dwight Wesley walked into a police station in downtown Phoenix covered in blood and carrying a knife, cops initially thought he was a victim of a crime. They found out the blood on his shirt came from his dead wife, whose body was in his car right outside of the police station.

Apparently, Wesley was driving his wife, 46-year-old Delores Glover, to work when they got into an argument.

Glover told Wesley she was filing for divorce, so he stabbed her several times, killing her.

Glover then drove her body to the police station and turned himself in.

Glover, it turns out, was no saint. She had eight felony convictions since 1985 for crimes including aggravated assault and dangerous drugs possession.

Glover served three years of a five-year prison sentence before being released in 2007

Upon release, Glover threatened Wesley with a knife at the couple's house on Indian School Road. She was arrested and convicted of possession of methamphetamine. They had only been living together for about three months.

Wesley's sentencing is scheduled for November 8.

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Proof reader
Proof reader

So SHE told HIM that SHE was filing for divorce. HE stabbed HER several times, killing HER.

Then SHE drove HER body to the police station and turned HIMself in.

Don’t you think it’s kind of hard for you to drive your own body to the Police Station, specially after you’ve been killed?

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