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Tom Horne accepts bribes in order not to enforce his own law of Banning Ethnic Studies and auditing teachers with thick accents who teach in public schools. Under the no child left behind act Tom Horn has Audited American citizens (teachers) within TUSD and had them removed from classrooms. Also under his own law of banning Ethnic Studies programs in Arizona Tom Horne has turned a blind eye to Sonaran Science Academy who promotes Turkish nationalism through language studies, Turkish dance clubs, Turkish Art classes and a Turkish club for both parents and students. Sonoran Science Academy is a public charter and is not exempt to the law. Numerous complaints have gone to the The Arizona State Board of Charter Schools which Sonoran Science Academy sits on the Board of Directors. Which is one way they protect themselves from complaints, and complaints to the Board of Education has also been submitted. Not to mention letters and emails written to Tom Horne about this school. So why would a school donate campaign funds to the one person that could effect the staffing and moral of there school? I guess one can buy a little protection from the wrath of Tom Horne.

Contributions to Tom Horne's campaign for Attorney General

$808 Jan 4, 2010 Fatih Karatas (Principal, Sonoran Science Academy; Associate Superintendent, Daisy Education Corporation)

$808 Feb 3, 2010Mehmet Argin (Former Principal, Sonoran Science Academy; Superintendent, Daisy Education Corporation)

$808 Feb 5, 2010Ridvan Bircicek (Sonoran Science Academy, Paragon Science Academy)

$400 Oct 3, 2010Turkan Argin (wife of Mehmet Argin)

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