New York Tranny Files Second Lawsuit Against Former Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Eric Green

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Eric Green
Five months after having (ahem) its first lawsuit against former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Eric Green thrown out by a Florida judge, a New York tranny has refiled a similar lawsuit alleging Green performed "forcible sodomy" on him (or is it "her?" If anyone knows the PC objective pronoun to describe a transgendered person, we're all ears).

Transgendered Angelina Mavilia claims she met Green -- who now plays for the Omaha Nighthawks (his career, apparently, took a turn for the worse)  -- in early 2009 at a casino in Scottsdale. She claims she and Green went back to his Scottsdale condo, where he forcibly sodomized her.

According to the lawsuit, dredged up by the News Press in Fort Meyers, Florida, while the two were in Green's condo, after he allegedly sodomized her, Green got "extremely agitated and threatening."

If a scene from the Crying Game played out in our actual lives, we'd probably be a little agitated, too.

"This never happened. You'd better not tell," Mavilia claims Green said after the deed was done.

There is suspicion that Mavilia is making the whole thing up and is just filing lawsuits in an attempt to collect quick cash. Mavilia waited a year to bring the lawsuit and is involved in another suit in New York.

In an unrelated case, Mavilia is suing the city of New York, claiming police officers "dehumanized" her after she was arrested for trespassing at a Manhattan housing complex in 2008.

Mavilia claims that when she was at a Manhattan booking station, a female officer forced her to take off her bra and panties to determine the tranny's gender.

"It's a girl," the suit claims the officer said.

Later, at a different New York booking station, the suit claims officers again asked to see Mavilia's nether-regions. After seeing Mavilia's, um, parts, the suit claims the officer mocked her, saying, "You're not fooling me; I know you were not born a woman. I can see your plastic surgery."

Mavilia is seeking $10 million in the Green case and an undisclosed amount in the suit against the city.

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I find this article disgusting. You minimize rape (and accuse Mavilia of "making it up" when there's no real evidence to suggest she is), use very transphobic language ("tranny" is a horrible slur), and even attempt to justify said rape and abuse by using the "Trans panic" defense (which has been used before to justify rape and murder). And of course you didn't bother to look up the proper terms -- if someone presents as female, use "she" or "her". I've also heard that "transgender" is generally preferred over "transgendered", but that slip-up is nothing compared to the violent trans-bashing and misogyny throughout your article.


If it's post-op it's a She, pre-op a He, why is plumbing so confounding?

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