New Poll Shows Goddard Not in Horrible Shape in Gov's Race

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Terry Goddard
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard isn't as down and out of the Arizona governor's race as once thought -- if you believe the latest poll numbers, that is.

A Rasmussen poll released last week had the race broken down as follows:

- Brewer: 55 percent.

- Goddard: 39 percent.

- Other candidate: 3 percent.

- Undecided: 3 percent.

A new poll from Behavior Research Center sees things a little differently. Check out the numbers from that poll after the jump.

- Brewer: 38 percent.

- Goddard: 25 percent.

- Other candidate: 6 percent.

- Undecided: 21 percent.

For Goddard, knowing that roughly one of every five likely voters is still undecided (if you believe the poll, of course) should come as good news. Jan's out of immigration bills to sign and her latest TV ad, which you can see below, is about as impressive as her epic moment of silence during the gubernatorial debate (the rambling, backbone BS aside, why does Jan Brewer look like a bobble-head doll?).

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I did want her to again debate some


"Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona Anti-Christ!"

Jan Brewer's cruel budget cuts devastate Arizonans.

And she doesn't care!

Just a few of her cuts are addressed in this vid, but her black heart is evident.


And didn't she say she would do more debates if her poll numbers were slipping?


Why, to make them slip faster?

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I guess I might have misheard some of what she said. It sounded like she said she just came in from the crapper. Seems odd for a governor to talk like that. However, she has did what she has did and she grew up with a strong backbone, apparently. She is such a nimrod.

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