Nanny State Alert: Tucson City Councilman Proposes Higher Age Requirements for Strippers

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What's the first thing you think when you see a nice, 18-year-old stripper? We have a feeling it's not "wow, she's great, and all. I just really wish she was older."

That, apparently, is what Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik thinks whenever he sees one, because he's introduced legislation that would increase the age requirement for strippers in Tucson.

If Kozachik has his way, women would need to be 21 years old to become a stripper at strip clubs that don't serve alcohol -- not 18, as is the current requirement.

Kozachik tells New Times this isn't a morality issue, it's about keeping girls from putting themselves in situations they may regret in the future.

"My concern is not playing some sort of morality cop," he says.

Whatever you say, dude.

Kozachik cites several studies that show women don't start fully understanding the long-term consequences of their actions until they're 23 or 24 years old. So it's a good thing he's pushing to have the age requirement be 21.

In other words, if the problem is that women are incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions until 23 or 24 (his words, not ours), why not make the age requirement 23 or 24?

He says the reason 21 should be the age requirement is because that's been the standard age state legislatures have used when it comes to things like gambling and alcohol.

We have problems with this proposition on several fronts. First being, of course: we like our strippers as close to the age of consent as possible -- for nostalgic reasons. When you turn 18, you're an adult. Whether you act like an adult is up to you, not Councilman Kozachik.

Secondly, assuming every stripper under the age of 21 has made bad choices somewhere along the way is a bit presumptive. We're sure stripping isn't the ideal profession for a high school grad, but it pays well and can lead to other opportunities like porn modeling. It can also help pay the bills while a stripper attends college -- something Councilman Kozachik may want to consider with the University of Arizona falling under the jurisdiction of this proposed nanny-state law.

In any event, if you live in Tucson, and the strippers you've come to enjoy start to look more like Angela Lansbury and less like Angelina Jolie (OK, so it might not be that profound), you know who to thank.

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Rebecca Avalon
Rebecca Avalon

I absolutely think that strippers should not only meet the age requirements, but should also be properly licensed and trained. The students who graduate from my Stripper School are not only the top earners at their club, but also run their stripping businesses legally, ethically, and pay their taxes. Strip and Grow Rich has been teaching women how to use the cash flow from the industry to empower their lives since 2003.


This is much ado about nothing. I would support drug testing though. Weed out the creepy meth sluts.

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Until they raise the age for joining the military, they need to leave all of this other shit alone. You can die for your country before you can legally drink. You can die for your country before you can gamble. If this guy has his way, you'll be dying for your country before you can strip. What a crock, you're enough of an adult to decide to put yourself in the position to die in some stupid war because someone wants to show how big his dick is, but you're not enough of an adult to make other adult choices?What bullshit.

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