Latest Suicidal Man Shot by Mesa PD Identified

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The second suicidal man shot by officers from the Mesa Police Department in less than a week has been identified.

The deceased is 59-year-old Douglas Watson.

Unlike the shooting of a domestic violence suspect by a Phoenix police officer earlier this week, it seems the Mesa officer were justified in shooting Watson.

Police got a call to a home in the 700 block of West Farmdale Drive. When they got to the scene, they found Watson with a gun.

While talking with police, Watson repeatedly pointed a gun at officers.

Police first shot him with bean bags. That didn't do the trick -- the guy continued to point his gun at officers, so they shot him with rubber bullets. The rubber bullets weren't enough, either.

After continuing to point his gun at police, officers shot him with real bullets. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

This is the second time a Mesa police officer has shot someone threatening suicide in the last week.

In another case, a suicidal man with a machete attacked an officer. He was shot by another cop before he was able to hit the officer.

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How about we let the family deal with this tragedy in silence....

Ed from Dedham
Ed from Dedham

Paul Babeu informs us that the high incidence of officer-involved shootings in Arizona is attributable to the presence of illegal immigrants. Is there something you're neglecting to tell us about Douglas Watson's nationality? Or the officer's?

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Well at least, Mesa has some good decent cops following standard procedures. And I havt to say, they probably saved the woman's life. Otherwise, we would have another murder-suicide.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Good question, Chris. If you lived next door would you want the cops to leave without doing something?

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