Just to be Clear: Jan Brewer Says She Was Drinking Wine Before Crashing Car Into Mini-Van -- Not Scotch

Governor Jan "Drive Hammered, Get Nailed" Brewer wants to set the record straight: when she crashed her car into the back of a mini-van in 1988, she had been drinking wine -- not scotch, as was recorded in the police report.

"Well ya know, I've never drank scotch in my life. If I have a cocktail, it's usually merlot wine," she told AZFamily yesterday.

According to the police report, Brewer "has did" drank scotch -- at least two glasses, both of which were consumed right before crashing into the mini-van

This is now the fourth time Brewer's changed her story about the wreck -- and even though it happened more than 20 years ago, given Brewer's firm stance on wanting to throw the book at anyone convicted of driving drunk, it's still hypocritical.

Initially, Brewer told the police at the scene that a car had rear-ended her, which pushed her car into the mini-van she crashed into.

DPS officers found no damage to the back of Brewer's car, and there was a thick layer of undisturbed dust on her bumper. In other words, Brewer's claim that a car crashed into her never happened.

Brewer stank like alcohol at the time of the crash, but when officers first asked a boozy Brewer if she had been drinking prior to smashing into the back of a mini-van, she said she had one scotch.

After failing four field sobriety tests, Brewer conceded that she might have had two scotches, the officer at the scene claims in the report.

But now, Brewer is telling anyone who will listen (except New Times -- she hasn't returned our calls since last year) that she was only drinking wine -- as if what got her drunk makes a difference.

"I had gone to dinner with some legislators, had dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine and was driving home on I-17 which is a free way in Phoenix and it was a construction zone," Brewer told CNN yesterday.

All the details of Jan's wild ride can be found in the police report, which you can see here.

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"Two drinks" is what everyone who gets a DUI says! She should stick with the story of being an alcoholic; it gives her a good excuse for all the dumb stuff she has said while in office. Now with her being in office it's ironic that DPS is her DD now.

One More For The Road
One More For The Road

The mindless bitch doesn't seem to get it.You cannot drink... anything... and drive. And Jan, baby, here's a clue for you; rearending stopped cars isn't cool either.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Mrs. Brewer changed her story because it's all a matter of style. There is a perception that it's ok to have a glass or two of wine with dinner and one can drive unfettered by the small amount of alcohol involved in wine. There is also a perception that those who drink several glasses of hard liquor, such as scotch, bourbon, gin and/or tequila, have a drinking problem or are likely alcoholic. It may very well be true that Mrs. Brewer only drinks merlot these days. It may also be very true that she was drinking scotch when she crashed into the rear of the van. It may also be true that she eventually admitted to a drinking problem and sought treatment. That said, it may be fair to say that she is no longer a scotch slosh drunk, merely a wino. Those who work closely with her would know. I doubt they have much to say.

david saint
david saint

yep, sad indeed...this illiterate, drunken hypocrite is our governor..and people will still vote for her because of 1070...i dont blame her though, i blame the incompetent morons that will vote for her.


Your paper supplies great comic relief to the sad condition of our great state. It's unbelievable that this person is our governor.


Again politicians and law enforcement held to a different standard than the common citizens who pay their proper taxes. Throw the book at us but let police drive them home... Bullshit.

It's just like the illegal strip mall poker rooms the Governor supports throughout Maricopa County yet she condemns the legal, job providing, background checking, regulated casino/resort project. One of the illegal strip mall poker rooms Governor Brewer is aware of in Glendale (near 43rd Ave. & Peoria) has a criminal fraud committing, manipulative known con artist who has stole literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from many good people. She supports this fraud committing, manipulative con artist person in an illegal strip mall poker room in her home City of Glendale yet no legal to the casino project which would be built on the tribes own land.

Yes to illegal gambling/poker rooms, one with an owner/operator, manager, card dealer who has been involved in criminal fraud, manipulated hundreds of thousands from mother, fathers and subsequently their children and a known con artist, in Glendale but no to legal, job providing casino/resort??? That is not only hypocritical but discriminatory as well!!!

The moral of the story is.... You can get away with allowing illegal activity or commit crimes the rest of us would be locked up for as well as fined but if you are a politician or law enforcement officer you are considered above the law and need not enforce state or local laws.

Theoldman like.author.displayName 1 Like

I just hope that Jan can go home after next Tuesday's election and drink whatever she wants with her best friends, Senseman and Coughlin. I will be happy to buy the first bottle if they will just get out of state government.

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