Jon Hulburd Releases "Final" Campaign Ad. Shockingly, There's No Mention of Dirty Scottsdale

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Jon Hulburd
​Nik Richie, founder of the sex-steeped Web site The Dirty, is gonna be pissed. The latest campaign ad for Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd is a little different from literally every ad the candidate has released before today. In other words, it's not just 30 seconds of free promotion for Richie's raunchy Web site.

Hulburd today released what his campaign claims is his "final" campaign ad, and much to our surprise, the ad's about Jon Hulburd, not his Republican opponent, Ben Quayle, and his loose ties to The Dirty, which Hulburd has made the basis of his campaign.


The ad is called "The Rise of Phoenix," and despite the uber-cheesy title, it's not a bad ad. Regardless of how you feel about the issues, this ad actually addresses them -- unlike the rest of Hulburd's ads.

Don't expect to see it on the TV, though, it's only a Web ad, which is unfortunate because nobody's gonna see it. Hulburd's TV ads -- the ones the majority of people will see -- still tell you almost nothing about Jon Hulburd. Those ads consist of little more than frat houses, lying about fake families, and a broken "moral compass."   

Check out Hulburd's ad below.

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Hulburd is a pathetic loser. He hasn't worked in a decade since his wife is the billionaire heiress to the SC Johnson Fortune. When Hulburd did work for a short period his business went b.k. but not before he committed business fraud against a competitive Arizona company. Nowadays all this loser does is live off his wife's cash. He was sued for defamation of character for spreading vicious lies about employees at his country club. He's so f'n bored in his giggalo life that he tried out for the tv show The Survivor, for crying out loud. But here's the best part: this guy is such an insecure loser he can't even admit what he really does. He says he's now a "community organizer" and smugly suggests he's some hot-shot "philanthropist", as if we should respect the fact that he can give away his wife's inherited money that was made 3 generations ago, and that he now lives lavishly off of, despite not growing that pot.

But the great part is what does Hulburd mean by being a "community organizer"? He brags about being involved with 3 organizations: 1) Phoenix Childrens Hospital; 2) All-Saints School; and 3) The Thunderbirds. Well in all 3 cases his leadership traits have been pathetic. He's only on the Phoenix Childrens Hospital Board because his rich father-in-law demanded he be. Hulburd was on the Foundation Board but his lazy-ass didn't do anything. He's on the big board for one reason, and one reason only: his in-laws money. Everyone thinks it's hysterical he's now taking credit for the new hospital expansion, as if he has anything to do with it. The Children's Hospital should just say to him: thank you Mr. Louis, I mean Hulburd, now shut up and write your check.

Regarding All-Saints School just suffice it to say he was thrown off the religious schools board because Jon Hulburd is an AVOWED ATHEIST. Anyone who knows this fraud knows this. Ask him about why he was kicked off the All-Saints Board...oh, and ask him if he's an atheist or a Christian like he's saying during this campaign. Let this liar lie to your face.

Finally, regarding The Thinderbirds Hulburd was passed over to be the "Big Cheif" because no one respects him. His fellow Birds didn't like the fact that he doesn't work, he's a flaming liberal and atheist, that he promotes wild out-of-town weekends, and that he's a lazy shit. His brother-in-law was Big Chief but there was no way they were going to let Hulburd's loser-ass be.


Hulburd is an atheist!!!


"Jon Hulburd is an AVOWED ATHEIST"

Funny I just looked at Article 1 of The Constitution of the United States, and no where in Section 2 that spells out the qualifications of Representatives, did I see a religion listed. So please I don't understand what his religion or non religion has to do with being a congressmen. But that probably has something to do with Amendment 1 of the The Bill Of Rights. It's right in the first sentence."Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".


Louis is the name of Jon Hulburd's 9 year old son, which is who you sound like when you go on these childish rants. Actually, that is a disservice to Louis.

Jon is on the *actual* Board of Directors at Phoenix Children's Hospital, rather than its fund raising arm, which Ben Quayle was about to be removed from for absenteeism before he ran for congress and had an actual excuse other that "I was too busy playing golf at an all-male club to help raise money for a children's hospital". Speaking of being removed for absenteeism, Ben Quayle isn't at Snell and Wilmer because, and I'm quoting here, "he was the laziest first year associate [Snell and Wilmer] has ever had".

I'm glad you brought up All Saints, because not only did Jon serve as Chairman of the Board for several years, Father Carl Carlozzi has written several letters to the editor of the Arizona Republic endorsing Jon Hulburd. Father Carl is a life long friend of Jon's and also the head of All Saints while Jon served on the board.

Finally, regarding the Thunderbirds, Quayle doesn't have the resume or the reputation in town to even be considered for the Thunderbirds, which is hilarious because he's trying to be in Congress. He's a playboy with zero experience that promotes wild, out of town parties with Nic "how could you forget the crazy prostitute, Ben" Ritchie in Tahoe. Bill Pulliam (Ben's Grandfather) was a Thunderbird and would be ashamed to learn that his progeny was too busy clubbing it up to fulfill his commitment to the community he moved into 10 months ago by actually going to actual board meetings at Phoenix Childrens Hospital, or by actually going to actual work at Snell and Wilmer.

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